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Planned Parenthood can’t treat a sick society

A letter and apology from the Collegian editors

Editor’s Note: After discussion among the editors of The Daily Collegian, we have decided to restore Tuesday’s controversial column. Our editors have decided that, while we admit the decision to run was not made in solid judgment for our paper and, more importantly, our readers, we cannot hide that mistake and must own up to our bad decisions. We at The Collegian apologize for the offensive content in this column, but cannot take back what we have published. We will keep this column available as a reminder of what happens when we do not meet the journalistic standards that we strive to meet every day. While we realize that publishing this column has cast a negative light on our staff and publication, we will do our best to regain the trust of our readers and continue to raise our standards to a higher level.

Planned Parenthood, one of the largest health care clinics and the largest abortion provider in the United States, may lose its federal funding. It is a business. It is not, however, a charitable organization, as it is portrayed by its many supporters. Their services are not free, although they may be cheaper than regular hospitals.

According to the American Life League, Planned Parenthood performed 289,750 abortions in 2006. The number rose to 324,008 in 2008. However, the organization’s website misleads in reporting that abortions constitute only 3 percent of its services. In reality, it performs about 23 percent of all abortions performed each year in the U.S. The organization is also engaged in a number of morally questionable practices, such as opposing parental consent laws. They also support prescribing abortion pills without a doctor’s visit as well as the absence of ultrasound before abortion.

The problem, however, does not lie solely with Planned Parenthood or its practices. It lies within the values of contemporary American society where traditional values have widely been replaced with progressive thinking. .

The notion that sex be regarded only within the institution of marriage has nearly disappeared in modern American culture. It has been replaced by an abundance of sexual activity. This was promoted by feminist movements as “female liberation” – women having the freedom to have sex with anyone, anywhere. Ignited by the media and supported by many young females willing to become “liberated,” the trend took off.

Sex has become a service, like any other, but without fiscal exchange or shame. It is no longer associated with love, marriage or a committed relationship. In too many cases there is no expectation of any sort of emotional attachment. This feat was not accomplished by the pressures of a “male-dominated” society, but rather by the women themselves. They strive to keep up with being “modern” and “liberated.” The contemporary American female is advised to collect five or ten lovers, risk sexually transmitted disease, (some of which cannot be prevented by standard protection, like birth control) or, in the worst scenario, get an abortion. With the easy accessibility of noncommittal sex, men have gained or recaptured the upper hand in relationships. Women, instead of acclaiming “sexual liberation” have received, at the least, a bad reputation.

What is worse is that many women seem proud of their exploits. Sexual columnists such as Natalie Krinsky, who wrote “Chloe does Yale” before contributing a sex column to Yale Daily News, have flaunted into the spotlight. This is not exclusive to college campuses. Jessica Cutler, a staffer on Capitol Hill, posted her sexual adventures online and, after being fired, cashed in by posing for “Playboy.”

Today, sex with no strings attached is socially acceptable. If a young woman wears a promiscuous outfit to a party, then proceeds to drink and flirt excessively, she should not blame men for her downfall. She made a decision to dress a certain way, to consume alcohol and should be prepared to deal with the consequences. Far from being a victim of rape, she is a victim of her own choices. This is not to say that rape is inexistent. Sexual crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Furthermore, young women are starting to become sexually active earlier, pressured by the media, peers or psychological convictions. Often, they are not ready to face the consequences. If they cannot be responsible, they should not be having intercourse. But this is not the message they’re exposed to.

Abortion is also viewed in a different way. For many, it is no longer a last resort for victims of rape or in other emergencies. It is simply regarded as “Plan B.” In a Planned Parenthood YouTube advertisement for the “morning after” pill, a woman states the scenarios in which the product may be useful. “Accidents happen,” she starts, and then cites a number of them. These range from carelessness to the grim suggestion that, “maybe you were forced.” The ad ends with, “No matter how old you are if you are sexually active, it’s always a good idea to have some emergency contraception on hand ahead of time.” However, the ad is misleading. It makes virtually no distinction between forgetfulness and rape. These should not be held to the same standard at all.

Furthermore, the ad seems to encourage sexual intercourse at any age; all that is needed is birth control. Throwing condoms at the public, a method often used by Planned Parenthood, is ineffective. More contraception does not translate to fewer abortions. Parents should stop relying on exterior organizations to provide their children with sex education. Instead, they should look within the family structure. If sex is presented to young people in a proper and moral context, then unplanned pregnancy would be less of a problem.

Yevgeniya Lomakina is a Collegian columnist. She can be reached at


131 Responses to “Planned Parenthood can’t treat a sick society”
  1. Li says:

    This was clearly written by a misogynist and I am appalled that such poorly-researched drivel was run in the school paper of my alma mater.

  2. Mark C says:

    The author is correct on virtually every point, but doesn’t go far enough:
    “With the easy accessibility of noncommittal sex, men have gained or recaptured the upper hand in relationships.”
    This is where the author errs. She (he?) ignores the reality of the repercussions for men.
    Consider the following three scenarios:
    1. One-night stand. Woman lies to man that she is on birth control becase she wants to get pregnant. Pregnancy ensues. She proceeds with birth and brings him into court for child support. Regardless of what he says in defense (trust me on this), court orders child support. In Massachusetts, thats for 23 years. Man must also pay for health insurance, college, etc He may or may not have access to the child. That depends on whether or not woman wants him to have a relationship (he would have to fight a very expensive legal battle on this point, and *could* succeed. But bear in mind this has nothing to do with his obligation to pay about a third of his income to the woman for 23 years.
    Scenario 2. Husband and wife have sex. Woman gets pregnant. Woman does not want child — for WHATEVER reason. She doesn’t tell husband she is pregnant, and quietly gets abortion.
    Scenario 3. Man and woman are dating. Have sex. She gets pregnant. Man wants to be a father. He may offer to marry woman, orperhaps not, and just wants to be father to the child .. in every sense. Woman doesn’t want child. She gets abortion, after all, it’s HER CHOICE.
    So, what’s the story here? Question to all you enlightened, pro-feminist men: When do men get a choice? And furthermore, specifically for you, when are you going to proclaim your wish to rid yourself of your next human right? Like, perhaps, the right to defend yourself against a charge of domestic violence? You don’t need that right. WOmen don’t lie about that, right?
    Ha ha ha. Stupid men. You get what you deserve.

  3. pattiv says:

    wow it scares me that people actually think like this.
    where does she get her numbers? women want to collect
    5 or 10 lovers? who does she hang around with? also
    better birth control does equal less abortions. it is simple
    to me if you don’t want an abortion don’t have one but a
    back alley septic abortion is a horrible way to die and this
    always happens to the woman!

  4. Rose says:

    Jackie, you didn’t say anything about anyone’s comments or respect.

    I agree, Sean.

  5. Irina M. says:

    Why so many angry words?
    Are not you free to continue as before or reconsider some aspects of life every day?
    Steve says: “unfortunatly, a lot of people share her opinion”. Wow!!! Unfortunatly!!! Why?
    Is there any freedom of speach/opinion for somebody who thinks differently?
    Prove it. Please, stop bulling and even intimidate the author. As Rose says: “People need to respect themselves and others”. Yevgeniya included?!

  6. Amanda says:

    The worldview expressed in this article is so tragically misogynist …

    Yevgeniya, I don’t understand why you seem so intent on blaming women who, in many of the scenarios you’ve included, are clearly victims.

    Most disturbing to me is the scenario in which a woman “should be prepared to deal with the consequences” when she dresses in a “provocative” manner while drinking alcohol. You imply the women deserves to be raped if she does these things. But My God, Yevgeniya, do you not realize that rape is a crime? Are you saying that men should not be asked to control their actions — that rape should be legal if she’s “asking for it?” And don’t you realize that your exact argument was used for centuries across the world to effectively allow terrible predators to continue to roam the streets while rape victims were left to pick up the pieces of their lives?

    Let me ask you this: Should a child sleeping in the proximity of a killer be blamed for her own murder if her uncovered throat “tempted” that killer? The fault in rape, just like the fault in any such terrible crime, lies on the rapist alone, period. I don’t care how “sexy” a women looks. Rape is illegal, and it is a terrible form of physical and emotional attack. Women shouldn’t be required to avoiding dressing any certain way simply for fear that they’ll be raped and then blamed for it. Do not contribute to the shame that unfairly accompanies women who are victims of these types of crimes.

    Beyond the rape issue, while you so hatefully condemn women whose choices you apparently view as a sign of wanton promiscuity, you completely ignore the fact that such promiscuous behavior long has been tolerated — and in many cases, outwardly applauded — in men. If boys will be boys, why shouldn’t girls be girls? I’m not condoning that behavior among either gender, but to imply such an obvious double standard is the very definition of sexism. Not only that, but that particular kind of sexism effectively seeks to make women second-class citizens. Would you have us revert to a society that forces women to hold only the role of the chaste, obedient, kitchen-dwelling housewife — or be shunned? Would you like to return to a society that treats women as their fathers’ and husbands’ possessions? I don’t think you realize the dark history you are evoking when you make tout some of your hateful beliefs.

    I would encourage you to take a women’s studies class during your tenure at UMass. Perhaps that would help you realize how embarrassing and harmful this article truly is — not only to women, but to society as a whole. Women have come a long way in this country, Yevgeniya. Let’s not go backward.

  7. Mary O'Hughes says:

    Congratulations, Ms. Lomakina, you’ve sent the progressives and feminists into a serious tizzy. As George Orwell said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” We are truly living in a time of universal deceit, especially about men and women. Women are at a physical disadvantage to most men, and it’s true that walking around drunk and half-dressed puts a young woman at a serious disadvantage. Not that any women ever deserves rape, but some situations are far riskier than others. Previous generations knew this and passed on sensible advice to protect their young women. The current hypersexual popular culture is harmful to both men and women, but especially to women, who have more to lose (another biological fact, sorry!). Maybe that’s why more young women are waking up and choosing not to be sexually active until they’re in a committed relationship. They’re the revolutionary ones today! Smarter too.

    Shame on the Daily Collegian for firing Lomakina. How about freedom of speech and debating with those you disagree with?

  8. Trish says:

    This article is a blatant attack to women everywhere. It is an attack on the rights of a woman, the rights of an individual and most importantly the right to equal and free will. I am appalled that a respected institution such as UMass would ever publish such an outrageous piece of crap. SHAME ON YOU. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, boy am I glad I never even thought of applying to UMass.

  9. Heidi says:


    No, it isn’t your choice whether or not the woman you are seeing has an abortion. She is the one who is pregnant and she is the one who the pregnancy physically and mentally affects! Unless you can carry the fetus all 9 months for her, it does not get to be your choice. And ESPECIALLY NO, the woman does not have to marry you because she is carrying 50% of your DNA. She does not have to be pressured into marrying you, rather than getting an abortion and continuing to live her own life! A woman is not your property! Get with the 21st century! If you want to be a father that badly, start going through the adoption process! There are millions of children already born who would love to have a home and a family!

  10. Libby Brooks alumnus says:

    We had a saying back in the seventies: If the pope could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. Self-hating women are so tragic as you buy into who you think you should be in the male patriarch society instead of who you really are. We took over the Collegian when I was a student in the late seventies due to women being misrepresented on campus. I am still proud of the strong, smart and independent women were back then. It was not easy.

    Wake up,
    Libby Brooks class 0f 1978

  11. Sara says:

    “Maybe that’s why more young women are waking up and choosing not to be sexually active until they’re in a committed relationship. They’re the revolutionary ones today! Smarter too.”

    Not really, Mary. Their body, their choice. Punishing women for having sex is pretty draconian. What about the men? They’re still free to be as sexual as they want because their consequences for sex aren’t as severe socially (abortion is stigmatizing, but men don’t get those. Skipping child welfare checks and choosing to not raise a child is also much more of an option for a man than a women, who is expected to be the primary caregiver at any and all costs).

    Leave Orwell out of this. Misusing his words in order to claim the academic high ground doesn’t really work when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    As for your ‘biological facts’ (physical inferiority, women having ‘more to lose’ in a relationship, however that is ‘biological fact’), those ‘facts’ are more social than biological. Yes, adult men are usually stronger than adult women, and there is some biology behind that, but not always. Don’t generalize so much. As children, many boys play physically aggressive sports while girls are encouraged to be more passive. If you don’t think that influences a child’s – and later an adult’s – physical prowess you’re wrong. Girls and women are socialized into submissive, non-physical roles. That’s just how our society functions. Your attitude isn’t helping us break from this regressive and harmful way of thinking and behaving.

  12. evan says:

    ^^^^^The opening sentences of the paragraph above sound more like a rap song than a legitimate criticism

  13. Sergei says:

    Yevgeniya, great work! Now go to the kitchen and make me some pie lil’ woman! If you love traditional values so much, you need to know your place. And why are you attending college? You should have been married at 16 with three babies already. No writing (shitty) articles. Go to the kitchen now!

  14. pen says:

    I think it’s a tad of an exaggeration to say that “The notion that sex be regarded only within the institution of marriage has nearly disappeared in modern American culture.” I live in the oh-so-progressive San Francisco Bay Area and yet there, too, we have people who have decided that they will not have sex until marriage. Believe it or not, the rest of us are perfectly happy to accommodate them and respect their choices.

    And guess what? For the women at least, it is largely the successes of feminism that allow them to make this choice. Feminism, after all, fights for the idea that a woman has personal autonomy, which means the option to say yes OR no.

    One of the comments above mentioned that women tend to be socialized into passive roles, and men into active ones. This is one of the things feminists try to combat: the idea that women cannot control their own destinies. The convention that women must always be agreeable, whether that means smiling sweetly when someone talks down to you or agreeing to have sex when you actually would rather not.

    So basically, if you want to blame feminists for modern promiscuity, “provocative” clothing, or “liberal sexuality,” just remember: feminists also fight for the right to say “no.”

    Remember this the next time YOU say “no” — and he listens to you.

  15. rjwalker says:

    The views on sexual values and responsibility are mundane and have been beaten to death for decades.

    The really outrageous part of this article is the incredibly bad logic in a university publication:

    >>However, the organization’s website misleads in reporting that abortions constitute only 3 percent of its services. In reality, it performs about 23 percent of all abortions performed each year in the U.S.

    The percentage of abortions performed bears absolutely no relationship with the percentage abortions are of their business.

    Good lord! You folks are in college?

  16. Catherine says:

    Darling, where are your references!

    1. Percentage of services =/= percent of all abortions in the USA.
    2. Ultrasounds are not necessary before abortion
    3. Worth noting that they don’t receive funding for the abortions they do preform.
    4. You haven’t argued that there is a problem. I will assume it is abortion, given that’s fairly controversial.
    5. Men were already ‘having it off’ before the ‘liberation’ – presumably they were having it off with someone else. Non-marital sex has been around for a long time – heard of mistresses?
    6. Plenty of people still do “true love waits”.
    7. Plenty of people still associate sex with a committed relationship
    8. Men were already having casual sex, this was not something new
    9. Birth control is not the “standard protection” against sexually transmitted infections – that would be condoms
    10. Men have had the upper hand in relationships for quite some time. I wonder if this is related to their earning potential, and social constraints on the role of the woman.
    11. Women already had a bad reputation – original sin, much?
    12. What is wrong with women being proud of themselves? Men are not chastised this way.
    13. “Today, sex with no strings attached is socially acceptable.” Yes, it is – to a degree.
    14. “If a young woman wears a promiscuous outfit to a party, then proceeds to drink and flirt excessively, she should not blame men for her downfall.” If by downfall, you mean drunken make-out sessions, the sure. If you mean ‘and then the men have sex with her, without consent’ then that is rape, and the men are responsible for their actions. They made a choice to respond as they did, men do have control of their choices to act. To suggest otherwise is demeaning to men.
    15. Abortion was once considered a form of birth control. The doctors kicked up a fuss, because they were loosing business to midwives. So they decided it was a moral issue, rather than a medical one. Thus, we have an ‘abortion debate’.
    16. So you are suggesting we should punish women who forget a birth control pill with an unwanted pregnancy, and therefore an unwanted child? This is not to the benefit of the child, nor the mother.
    17. More contraception does not equal more abortions – and I can’t see how it could possibly equate to anything other than fewer abortions. References please.
    18. Presenting sex in a proper and moral way – now this I can agree to, however I believe we differ in our understanding of proper and moral. Mine refers to the idea of consent, and respect, as well as education around pregnancy and STD prevention. I am concerned yours refers to antiquated ideas about men being unable to chose to control themselves when seeing female flesh.

  17. Carolyn says:

    Trish, as a UMass student, I am actually offended by you condescendingly saying that you’re glad that you never thought applied to UMass. The writer of this article is obviously not representative of the school as a whole (because of the massive backlash the article has gotten), and the writer is also not the only student attending UMass.

  18. Kamila says:

    “If a young woman wears a promiscuous outfit to a party, then proceeds to drink and flirt excessively, she should not blame men for her downfall. She made a decision to dress a certain way, to consume alcohol and should be prepared to deal with the consequences.”

    This is repulsive. You’re basically supporting rape and saying that just because a girl looks nice, and feels good if she gets raped that’s ok. I dress “promiscuously” to some people’s standards but I don’t do it entice guys. Considering 90% of the time when I’m in sweats and not going out, when I actually do have the time to go out with friend- I like to clean up. It is my decision to dress a certain way, but it is NOT a call to men to come and rape me. I do it for myself.

    I’m assuming you dress in some hobo outfits, or maybe trash bags. You definitely don’t get laid enough that’s for sure.

    And about the Planned Parenthood issue, did you ever think that it actually helps to support safer sex? I know over a dozen girls that were too scared to go to their family doctor, or a regular gyno for the fear that their parents would find out they had prescriptions for birth control. So alot of girls go to PP to get a prescription for BC so they DON’T have to have abortions later on. Because if their parents found out they are on BC, they would be off of it, but most likely still continuing to have regular sex.

    I have so many friends who have regular boyfriends, and get their BC through PP. So no PP does not only provide an emergency plan b contraceptive, it allows couples to have safe sex.

  19. Alex says:

    As a rape survivor, I honestly hope you burn in hell Yevgeniya.
    This girl should never be allowed to write for this newspaper again (not to mention her inane, terrible prose, and prolific amount of logical fallacies).

  20. alison says:

    This is probably one of the worst pieces I have seen in the Collegian the entire time I’ve been at UMass. Seriously, THE WORST.
    Apology notes aside, editors, I don’t understand why this isn’t considered more than just “offensive”

  21. evan says:

    ^^^to all the angry people above: you know, the Boston Globe asked the writer for an interview regarding this controversy. If you read the comments on that article, you will see there are many more supporters than you can imagine. Keep your mouth closed. “Burn in Hell!”; “worst piece I’ve ever seen”. STFU

  22. Matt says:

    It’s shameful how many of you miss the point. The author is by no means advocating rape. She’s referring to the number of women who choose to wear dresses that barely cover their vaginas, get trashed at some party, have consensual sex with some random dude, and then proceed to scream rape. Let me remind you all of this excerpt from the article:

    “Sexual crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Hmm, that doesn’t sound like she’s advocating rape to me. It sounds to me like she’s speaking out against stupid behavior.

    Being drunk is not an excuse for your actions. Unless you are passed out, you have some awareness of what you are doing at the time you are doing it. You may not remember it in the morning (at which point you wouldn’t know to scream rape anyway), but you still knew what you were doing. Women want equality. If men cannot use intoxication as justification for their actions then neither can women. That’s not misogyny; that’s not sexism. That, my friends, is equality.

    I think you all deliberately took that part of the column the wrong way because you are all a part of the very demographic to which the author is referring. Sometimes the truth hurts. Get over it. If you want to behave like a whore, be prepared to be called out on it. ESPECIALLY do not wish for the author to “burn in hell” just because she expressed her opinion. Frankly, I don’t care if you’re a rape survivor or not. There is no reason to wish death on another human being, much less an eternity of suffering.

    Grow the hell up.

  23. I hope you were just being lazy when you wrote this. Really bad stuff, but I also think it’s dangerous and hurtful to tell you to “burn in hell”. I’m glad your editors stood by you, you don’t deserve to be censored or attacked. Catherine above says it all, you basically missed everything, but it’s rage that hurts so many women everyday, why produce more of it here. Well I guess ignorance hurts women too, but that can be solved with conversation.

  24. Bonnie says:

    Let’s play a game! What was true in this article and what was totally false?!

    1. TRUE – Planned Parenthood does oppose Parental Consent laws:

    2. FALSE – Planned parenthood is not against ultrasounds:

    but is against mandating ultrasounds:

    3. FALSE – Planned parenthood does not support an “abortion pill” (aka a “medical abortion”) without a prescription and will only provide this medication through a physician. However, they do support access to “Plan B: Emergency Contraception to Prevent Pregnancy” without a prescription:

    4. FALSE – Most women are not advised to collect “five or ten” lovers. In fact, one study released by the London Times shows that most women don’t approve of sex outside of a committed relationship:

    5. OPINION – Your opinion on a woman’s responsibility in rape is certainly strong, but this I must concede is an opinion and nothing more. However, being a “victim of her own choices” implies that a woman who is raped somehow chose to be raped. In reality, if she were forced or coerced into having sex (ie, raped), there is no conceivable way that she could be responsible for it. A rape victim cannot be blamed for their rapist’s actions.

    6. UNSUPPORTED CLAIM: Your assertion that “many” women turn to Plan B as their go-to contraception of choice is ambiguous enough that technically it is not false. “Many” is terribly unspecific and could range anywhere from 1% to 50% of women. “Few” would have been a more appropriate word here.

  25. Miss Lomakina,

    It takes a strong person to put forth a view that will inevitably be ridiculed and attacked by the more ‘progressive’ members of society. I commend you, and am sorry that the Collegian, and UMass in general, are full of cowards who cannot bear to hear dissenting opinions.

    I do not necessarily AGREE with you, but it takes a lot of guts to say something that you know will be attacked by the spineless.

  26. SamsonBarbarossa says:

    “Today, sex with no strings attached is socially acceptable. If a young woman wears a promiscuous outfit to a party, then proceeds to drink and flirt excessively, she should not blame men for her downfall. She made a decision to dress a certain way, to consume alcohol and should be prepared to deal with the consequences. Far from being a victim of rape, she is a victim of her own choices. This is not to say that rape is inexistent. Sexual crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

    What I find interesting is I read this graf and I don’t see a woman being raped. I see the common instance of a woman seeking to the approval of men that have finally gotten the social situation where non-committal sex will be offered to them on a whim. “Women’s Lib” appears to have only subjected women to the wants of men. There are those who champion the Pro-Choice cause as the route to women’s equality but let’s face it: Abortion has only given men another reason to seek sex without commitment, love or a true partner. They view it with the perspective that if it’s her “choice,” then it’s her problem. Women are not chapstik for men’s pleasurable enjoyment and Planned Parenthood should stop teaching women to become it.

    I think the author has been electronically lynched by people that can’t handle the truth attached to what Planned Parenthood is doing in terms of somehow empowering women to be used by men for their own pleasure. The author’s only mistake was to not be specific in the instance that a woman dressing the way she described can easily be used and disrespected without rape even being part of the equation. There was no suggestion of anything other than two people making a bad decision … but somehow under the current social context women bear the brunt of these bad decisions, particularly if a pregnancy arises.

    Go ahead and say Planned Parenthood does great things for women’s sexuality and that you’re against abortion except for instances of rape and incest, then go ahead look up how many times those instances were present in the 324,008 abortions that occurred in 2008. A large number of Planned Parenthood abortions are done to women who have had contraception through Planned Parenthood that failed. Keep that in mind as the contraceptives offered cheaply through government subsidy could somehow fail conveniently to offer a new crop of cash-paying abortion customers (because the government won’t subsidize that kind of service; the poor women victims get to pay cash for that service). That’s blood money, folks. If you got angry reading this its probably because the truth isn’t always painless.

    Collegian, stick to your writers, as a past UMass Dartmouth newspaper editor-in-chief this shows bad form on your part. Your lackluster rationalization of owning up to your mistakes as the reason to leave this column up only shows that you lack the ability to form your own opinions as well as the backbone to stand for it.

  27. Boris says:

    catherine^^^ where are your references? You are citing hopeless, fantastic ideologies for that comment.

  28. Alexis says:

    Can someone please explain to me what the title and first two paragraphs of this article have to do with the remainder of the body? The introduction starts off as an awkward, rambling attempt to demonize Planned Parenthood, but then it turns into an offensively cynical rant about how women are harlots. Beyond the obvious concerns this raises about the author’s moral compass, seriously people, who proofread this pile? If nobody is going to impose quality standards, what’s the point of a published paper? Just write a note on facebook like the rest of us.

    That being said, I’m personally hurt at the author’s opinion of women. I don’t dress provocatively, unless cheap jeans and hoodies are now considered provocative. I’ve had a very select few partners and treated each with respect and discretion and received the same in return. I’m marrying the man I lost my virginity to. My mother taught me to respect my heart and my body. So why am I not entitled to educate and protect myself, and what business is it of some random stranger to tell me what should and should no go on in my vagina? If you don’t support Planned Parenthood, don’t go – when you inevitably pop out some guy’s babies, teach them not to go – but let me make those decisions most appropriate to my life.

  29. DibIbblmyer says:

    You’re a little late to the party, sweetheart…

  30. Kajira says:

    Apparently, the author of the article claims that it was edited in such a way as to change the intended tone and message. I for one would like to see her original version, although I think her writing style and research methods leave much to be desired, no matter what type of editing is performed.
    I thought she was rather vague in the statements about women dressing sexy and getting drunk at parties. The implication is that ALL MEN are horny boors who will want to rape any girl who might look and/or act like a slut. This is actually sexist towards men. MOST men, if they are not drunk, can control themselves wheh faced with a sexily dressed, flirtatious woman. Our culture encourages young women to look trashy, and if men were the horny toads implied in the article, men would basically be jumping on women in the streets by the hundreds!
    For a more balanced, thoughtful and erudite take on this “date rape” issue (as well as other matters), I suggest people read Camille Paglia’s brilliant essaye, “No Law in the Arena”, in her book “Vamps and Tramps”.
    In the interest of full disclosure, I was in a situation, when I was a UMass student, which I suppose one could call “date-rape”, but I take partial responsibility because I feel I was damned stupid to get plastered and then have sex with a guy who was equally drunk.

  31. Emily Shepard says:

    Your article makes the implicit assertion that a woman DESERVES to be raped if she dresses promiscuously – that she is no longer possessed of the right NOT TO BE RAPED when she dresses a certain way. You are very sick. Seek help immediately.

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