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SLIDESHOW: Labor Center Rally

The Graduate Employee Organization held a rally for the labor center outside the student union on Monday afternoon.

Photos by Jessica Picard, Judith Gibson-Okunieff, and Erica Lowenkron.

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  1. Letha Deck says:

    You have heard about how white supremacist Bill Moebius in languages and literatures shut down the first graduate student website in the university because the woman that made it is an African American ousted from the program in 2004 because her team of Comparative Literature UMass scholars couldn’t figure how Frederick Douglass learned to read?

    Yeah. The website was up from 1999 until the first week in October of this year. The group, OGSCL, fought to have the website was a landmark in many categories of internet history. OGSCL told Moebius, and chancellor Subbaswami. First they completely ingnored the African Americans, as they had done her in the past while she was a grad student TA, and award-winning Instructor. They hid the work because the former student is publishing on her direct horrifying experience with white supremacy in the academy.

    Oppression. OGSCL took a leading role in reforming the performance of the professors because no one was advancing as they wondered how Frederick Douglass was doing. Now, OGSCL had been erased by a faculty that let the grad student organization on campus there die.

    I call that a issue.

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