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UMass women’s basketball falls to North Dakota 82-52 -

November 22, 2017

Home-and-home with Quinnipiac up next for UMass hockey -

November 22, 2017

Carl Pierre’s breakout performance helps UMass men’s basketball over Western Carolina -

November 22, 2017

Pipkins’ double-double leads UMass men’s basketball over Western Carolina -

November 21, 2017

Luwane Pipkins leads the UMass men’s basketball shooting show in 101-76 win over Niagara -

November 19, 2017

UMass to face tough test with Niagara backcourt -

November 19, 2017

Hockey Notebook: John Leonard on an early season tear for UMass hockey -

November 18, 2017

Clock runs out on UMass men’s soccer’s dream season in NCAA opener -

November 17, 2017

2017 Basketball Special Issue -

November 16, 2017

UMass men’s basketball prepares for transitional season in 2017-18 -

November 16, 2017

Author Viet Thanh Nguyen discusses how history and humanity is remembered -

November 16, 2017

CMASS completes seven-week discussion series -

November 16, 2017

UMass women’s basketball resets and reloads, looking to improve on last year’s record with plenty of new talent -

November 16, 2017

Matt McCall’s winding path to bring unity to UMass -

November 16, 2017

Carl Pierre is a piece to Matt McCall’s basketball program -

November 16, 2017

Why they stayed: Malik Hines, Chris Baldwin and C.J. Anderson -

November 16, 2017

McConnell chooses politics over morals -

November 16, 2017

Swipe right for love? Probably not. -

November 16, 2017

‘The Florida Project’ is a monument to the other side of paradise -

November 16, 2017

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ doesn’t have to be the best Marvel movie -

November 16, 2017

La comunidad de Amherst da la bienvenida a familias de Puerto Rico

Una reunión comunitaria discutió cómo apoyar a las familias desplazadas que vienen a Amherst después del huracán María.

UMass student severely injured after allegedly being hit on Triangle Street

Family is unhappy with University’s response to the accident.

Inside ‘New England’s Newspaper of the Year’

The New England Newspaper and Press Association honored the Daily Hampshire Gazette as the “New England Newspaper of the Year.”

Amherst community welcomes families from Puerto Rico

A community gathering discussed how to support displaced families coming to Amherst after Hurricane Maria.

Californian students react to wildfires back home

Wildfires spark concern among UMass community

라스베가스 총격 사건이 많은 이들에게 충격을 주다

Posted by Caeli Chesin 작성자 Translated by Yun Hwan Baik 번역자 Edited by Hae In Kim 편집자   라스베가스에서 열린 Route 91 축제는 58명의 사상자와 500명이 넘는 부상자를 기록하며 미국에서 일어난 가장 피해가 큰 총기사건이 되었다.   지난 몇 년 동안 이러한 총기 사건은 빈번이 일어났는데 올랜도, 샌 버르나르디오, 뉴튼, 오로라 그리고 이번 라스베가스가 많은 사상자를 낸 지난 4년간의 총기사건의 예이다. 이 사건들의 피해자들은 일반인들로서 저녁을 즐기거나 아이들을 학교에 데려다주는 일상적인 활동들을 하다가 사건을 당했다. 이 비극들이 되풀이되는 동안 피해 관계자들은 아직도 공포에서 벗어나지 못하고 있다.   University of Massachusetts 사회학과 4학년인 Danielle Farano는 라스베가스에 친구의 아기를 보러갔다가 사건을 겪었다. Mandalay Bay 리조트와 카지노 32층 스위트 룸에서 일어난 총기사건 전날 밤에 Farano와 그녀의 친구들은 Strip에 아침까지 머물렀다….

Vegas Shooting stings those far and close to home

UMass Students and faculty respond to the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

UPDATE: Suspects found after thefts around campus

Suspects caught after a string of on-campus thefts.

Three thefts in Fine Arts Center over past week

Over eight incidents of theft reported over the past week.

Talk on women’s resistance to Brazilian military dictatorship held at the Old Chapel

Scheibe Wolff speaks on past and present feminism.

Đằng sau chiến dịch “Hate has no home at UMass.”

Bởi Caeli Chesin Dịch bởi Julia Nguyễn Julia Nguyen Một tấm biểu ngữ được treo bên trên Campus Center. Tờ rơi được rải bên cạnh những hộp khăn giấy trong các nhà ăn. Những chiếc huy hiệu đựng trong những chiếc bát nằm trên những chiếc bàn trong thư viện. Lần này không phải là để nhắc nhở sinh viên về việc UMass xếp thứ hạng cao nhất trong lĩnh vực ăn uống, mà thay vào đó là để nói lên: “Hate has no home at UMass” (“Không có chỗ cho sự căm ghét tại UMass”). Đây không phải là…

Behind the “Hate has no home at UMass” campaign

Students and administration speak on the campus’ newest campaign.

Small trashcan fire broke out in Kennedy Hall

Small fire breaks out in first year residence hall Tuesday.

Author Thomas Suarez leads talk on Israel-Palestine conflict

Author speaks on Israel-Palestine past, conflict and a solution for the future.

UMass students react to tuition hike

Responses to the Board of Trustees’ decision to raise costs.

UMass administration building to be demolished

Administration building makes way for parking and campus facilities.

UMass researchers make strides in cancer and chronic infection research

Discoveries could make advancements in immunotherapy.

Historical horse barn relocated to Agricultural Learning Center

Historical barn renovated for student use.

Two UMass students overcome obstacles to win full-ride scholarships

Both immigrants, Sayed Shah and Cuishan Mei won four-year, full-ride scholarships to UMass.

PVTA potential cuts affect UMass and five college students

PVTA proposed cuts would affect 17 bus routes.