Protect Our Breasts hosted third annual Yogathon last Friday

(Katherine Mayo/ Daily Collegian)

The Protect Our Breasts Earth Day Yogathon raises money for breast cancer and awareness about healthy living.

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Happy trails: hiking routes in and around Amherst

(Daily Collegian Archives)

Annamarie Wadiak previews a few trails to explore before the start of summer break.

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Pure Barre: a pure workout

(Chandler Thompson/ Flickr)

Gina Lopez discusses her first experience performing the constant growing fitness phase known as Pure Barre

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‘Meditation Wednesdays’ offer relaxation and peace in the middle of hectic weeks

(woodleywonderworks/ Flickr)

Olivia Clark teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at noon in the Recreation Center.

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Ballet classes at UMass Rec Center require no prior experience and is a great option for everyone

(Alice Barigelli/ Flickr)

Ballet is an expressive form of exercise that you don’t need prior dance experience to enjoy.

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Women’s beauty standards: Recreation Center edition

(Daily Collegian Archives)

Tess Halpern says girls should aim for comfort not fashion when it comes to exercising at the gym.

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Yoga: It’s not all about poses and flexibility

(Yoga room/ Daily Collegian)

Now is the time to start taking full advantage of the yoga classes at the UMass Recreation Center.

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Midterms, and winter and classes: oh my!

(bottled_void/ Flickr)

Five tips to keep you going strong through the semester.

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Low-intensity, steady-state cardio makes a comeback in 2016

(frankieleon/ Flickr)

Many people are starting to stay away from the difficulties of high-intensity, interval-training workouts

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Wrestling with the winter weather

(James/ Flickr)

A helpful guide on how to approach fitness and health during the frigid winter temperatures.

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Free exercise resources to avoid the crazy Rec Center crowds

(Official Blogilates Facebook page)

Tired of going to the crowded gym? Try staying at home instead using YouTube channels and smartphone apps to monitor your exercise.

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Eat, sleep, strap on a fitness band, repeat

(Official CES Facebook page)

Under Armour, Jawbone and Fitbit all released new products for 2016 that have taken the fitness world by storm.

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New ‘Zombies, Run!’ app puts a little fear into your step

Kaytlin Dawn Photography/ Flickr

Advertised as the biggest smartphone fitness game ever, the game combines Halloween-themed fun with staying in shape.

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How to navigate the gym: an upperclassman’s guide for freshmen

Rec Center: Paige Teeny/ Daily Collegian

If you’re intimidated by the Campus Recreation Center, these words of advice may motivate you to go.

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Boosting brainpower through nutrition


These nutritious foods will help you soar through the semester.

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Explore the beautiful outdoors trails around Amherst


Welcome yourself back to Amherst this semester by hiking or biking through the Pioneer Valley.

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Fun, local ways to stay active and in shape this semester

The view of the Pioneer Valley from the top of Mt. Sugarloaf (Collegian file photo)

Whether you prefer hiking, biking or kayaking, be sure to spend time outdoors as the spring semester draws to an end.

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As summer approaches, it’s crunch time for those looking to get in shape

(Christina Yacono/Daily Collegian)

Know the workout moves that will get you toned and ready for the warm weather.

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The real importance of water for our health

(Collegian file photo)

Ditch the juice and try fruit-infused water instead.

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Stay fit from your dorm room


Tips for keeping in shape without having to trek to the gym this winter.

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