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Berkeley professor researches high-poverty high school -

December 11, 2017

Rosenberg steps down as Senate President during husband’s controversy -

December 11, 2017

Students aim to bring smiles to kids’ faces at Baystate Children’s Hospital -

December 11, 2017

‘Growing Cannabis On the Farm’ event held at Hampshire College -

December 11, 2017

UMass women’s basketball defeats Saint Peter’s for third straight win -

December 11, 2017

Celebrity culture could be a part of the problem -

December 11, 2017

Mulligan’s defense, rebounding helps push Minutewomen past Saint Peters -

December 11, 2017

Gaudet’s power play goal clinches 2-1 victory over Union for UMass hockey -

December 11, 2017

The department of Judaic Studies makes a disappointing decision -

December 11, 2017

The merits of print journalism shouldn’t be overlooked -

December 11, 2017

Tips to help manage stress during finals -

December 11, 2017

‘Coco’ is a colorful movie with a refreshing culture -

December 11, 2017

UMass women’s basketball rolls over Fisher College 121-38 in a record setting affair -

December 10, 2017

Hailey Leidel catches fire, breaks program record for 3-pointer’s in 121-38 victory over Fisher College -

December 10, 2017

Hockey Notebook: Jake Gaudet beginning to find his rhythm with UMass hockey -

December 10, 2017

Pipkins’ scoring outburst leads UMass past Providence -

December 9, 2017

Second half run leads UMass men’s basketball over Providence -

December 9, 2017

Students vote ‘yes’ for Student Union renovations -

December 8, 2017

Editorial: Our shift to a primarily digital world -

December 7, 2017

Writer and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King speaks at Amherst College -

December 7, 2017


Collegian记者: Matt Wallas 翻译:Alex Heroux 校对:Shayue Qi 祁沙玥 Ervin Staub, 麻州大学心理学的荣誉退休教授,童年时曾在纳粹占领的匈牙利居住。他在 纳粹控制下生活的经历促使了他对旁观者在面对种族灭绝时行为和影响的研究。 十月二日,Staub在麻州大学举办演讲。在演讲中,他讨论了旁观者在世界各地发生的事 件中起到的减轻或加重压迫的作用。 Staub的中心论点是:旁观者有两种,消极旁观者和积极旁观者。消极旁观者可能在看到 压迫的行为时保持沉默;积极旁观者则会为了帮助被压迫者而采取行为。 他在哈佛大学和麻州大学做了多年的相关研究,研究对象涉及儿童和成年人,研究内容多 样。通过研究, Staub发现积极旁观者的主要动机是“对他人福祉负责”。 “在某个特定的社群中,社群的标准可以发展为:每个人都知道他/她能得到帮助,他/她 也知道自己需要帮助别人。Staub说,”这个群体可以是学校,也可以是各种各样其他形式 的社群,但是这种发展必须从内部开始。“ Staub继续解释说,许多警察是消极旁观者,他们选择忠于那些犯下暴力行为的同事 。Staub认为在这种情况下,保持沉默可能导致强烈的内疚,从而最终导致精神疾病。 当被问及参加此次演讲最大的收获时,在慈悲建设和平中心工作的和平建设者Ginny Morrison说:“旁观者可以通过很小的行动阻止事态的发展,这真的意义非凡。” “我们必须尝试相互理解,”在麻州大学心理与脑科学系任教的教授Lisa Harvey说,“这是和 解与和平非常重要的一步,相互倾听,相互理解,同时采取行为,我们要为捍卫自己的信 仰做出努力。” Staub进一步阐释了他为改善世界各地的压迫做出的努力以及如何培养他人成为积极旁观 者。除了去卢旺达这样的发生过严重压迫的国家,Staub也与警察合作,帮助他们变成积 极旁观者。同时,Staub也拜访了很多学校,帮助学生变成积极旁观者。 Staub在演讲中不断地强调,大家都应该为那些被压迫的人采取行动,阻止压迫的发生。 Staub说: “如果你看到别人受到伤害而不提供帮助,那么你不可能敞开心扉,并一直保持 开放的灵魂。”

UMass Professor Awarded NSF Grant

Ground-breaking research will be conducted.

Native American Students Association discuss cultural appropriation

“This is not a joke, it’s my culture.”

Protestors show support for Eric Matlock in court

People sat in silent solidarity during the hearing.

American incarceration practices the focus of annual Alfange Lecture

Northeastern professor of law sees shortcomings in a punitive, racially-disproportionate system.

UMass hosts lecture on Nazi Influence and European Espionage in WWII-era Boston

Boston College professor related Nazi influence to current fascist climate in lecture.

Women take the field of agriculture at UMass

Lecture series on empowered female farmers.

Amherst to raise fines on the already scarce parking

Starting Oct. 2, parking ticket rates will go up.

Shaughnessy Naughton speaks on STEM professionals in politics

Naughton, a former congressional candidate, gave the lecture at Mt. Holyoke.

ESPN author and journalist talks sports and mental health at UMass

ESPN’s Kate Fagan answered questions and signed copies of her latest book.

Three weeks in, and two UMass fraternities under suspension

Fraternities Phi Sigma Kappa and Theta Chi have both been placed under interim suspension.

Palestinian women talk about their lives as refugees

Khawla Hammad and Amena El-Ashkar lectured in Northampton.

UPDATE: Wayland man dies following apparent fall

District Attorney: Man fell from 10-foot wall on Fearing St.

UMass hosts lecture on the meaning of the word ‘genocide’

NAU professor grapples with Native American genocide.

Thirty-three arrested, 18 hospitalized during first weekend of semester

A large amount of arrests took place during students’ first week back on campus.

UMass women’s soccer stuns Yale on Marra’s late winner

Kelly Marra’s goal in the 70th minute, assisted by Hipp, willed the Minutewomen to their third victory of the season.

UMass field hockey wins weekend set over Davidson, UML

Two shutouts carry Minutewomen through pair of victories.

Students stand up and together against DACA repeal

Student coalition held rally at Student Union.

New ‘North Chiller’ plant serves crucial function: conditioning air, water

The chilling plant also gives engineering majors something new to study.

Counterpoint: Keep political correctness away from the Amherst name

Bradley Polumbo offers the counterpoint to the debate about the Amherst name: to change the name would be to sanitize history.