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‘Snowden’ proves to be a tame outing for director Oliver Stone

Joseph Gordon-Levitt impresses as whistleblower Edward Snowden in this straightforward biopic.

‘The Night Before’ is a mildly amusing Christmas caper

This Seth Rogen-led bro-fest has the usual antics, but it also might be one of his most mature works.

“Don Jon” is an energetically refreshing take on romantic comedy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a new twist to romantic comedies in “Don Jon”.

Sundance Film Festival showcases upcoming must see films

Some 2013’s most anticipated films come out of Sundance

“Looper” presents a fresh take on time travel

Without placing too much emphasis on the sci-fi genre, “Looper” accurately tells a unique story, set far in the future.

Cancer and comedy come together in ‘50/50’

Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen mix comedy with drama in a heartfelt film about the life of a cancer victim.