Scrolling Headlines:

Seeking true justice for Ryan Owens

The death of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens was politicized and reveals propaganda and a failure of the media.

Laura Reed discusses nuclear disarmament under Obama Administration

Visiting lecturer talks about Prague Speech and shift in American policy.

The President who never got a break

Although he has made many mistakes, Obama has had a mostly positive impact on history.

Does your vote count?

Bradley Polumbo discusses how the Electoral College impacts the worth of your vote in Massachusetts.

A ‘Mirror’ into Clinton’s campaign

Edridge D’Souza believes that Hillary Clinton’s ad “Mirrors” demonstrates the Democratic nominee’s campaign style.

Dear Senators, do your job

The Republican Senate won’t do its job in the name of partisanship.

Malinn: Making the case for John Kasich

John Kasich demonstrates a moderate, pragmatic approach to governance in a time where the GOP is engaged in a political bloodbath.

Understanding Racism

Isaac Simon details how racism still pervades American society.

Obama misperceived as a socialist

Zack Tobin explains why conservative claims that President Obama is a socialist are unfounded.

Immigration vital to American economy

Jillian Correira illustrates how important immigrants are to America and the economy.

The fiscal fallacy

As the year draws to a close, the United States awaits the “fiscal cliff,” and what might be done to reduce our national debt.

Disrespect in debate is distasteful

Columnist Merav Kaufman discusses the impression given from the behavior of both candidates in the last presidential debate.

The debate on student debt

Billy Rainsford explores President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s views on the future of federal aid for higher education, as stated during the recent presidential debate.

The case for real world economics

Collegian columnist David Kaufman explains the economic recession.

Mitt Romney and the rising seas

Columnist Jillian Correira gives reasons for why she believes presidential candidate Mitt Romney is showing ignorance towards climate change.

2012 and Beyond: Energizing Obama’s America

Columnist Brian Doherty says why he believes President Barack Obama’s “energy plan for America is the right course for energy development and environmental stability.”

The narrowing effect of American politics

The Republican debates are in full swing. Collegian columnist Mark Bruso takes a look at the limits a two-party system imposes on third party candidates.

Race to the bottom

Columnist Nikhil Rao questions whether the proposed taxes on millionaires will truly help the economy or if they are just a populist attempt against the elite.

Is intellectual ability our downfall?

Collegian columnist Alexa Jones encourages fellow students to be brave in the face of uncertainty and unleash their remarkability via participation.

Proposed bill promises to create more jobs for the youth

In a conference call with student journalists on Monday, members of the Democratic National Committee discussed their plans to increase the job rate of the youth with President Obama’s American Jobs Act.