Political speechwriter Lindsay Hayes shares experience at Smith College

Hayes was the director of speechwriting for the Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

When a president lies

Becky Wandel analyzes President Trump’s false rhetoric on the issue of health care and urges people to be more wary of his statements.

What’s next for the Republican Party?

Zac Bears uses polling numbers to show that the GOP is in dire straits.

Republicans must move towards moderation

Zac Bears outlines the seismic shift in the Republican platform over the past decade, and what the Republicans need to do to restore bipartisanism.

DailyCollegian.com 2012 election live blog

Our news and oped writers are tweeting live as they cover the 2012 election in the Daily Collegian newsroom.

The importance of voting

As Election Day arrives, Eleanor Harte relays the importance of exercising the right to vote.

We must trust the next president

Zac Bears believes Gov. Mitt Romney is a flip-flopper while Pres. Barack Obama has followed through, and that trust is an important part of the election.

Disingenuous politics

Though Governor Romney was impressive in several of the presidential debates, his campaign contains flaws in social and economic policy.

Obama or Romney: What’s the difference?

Is Obomney the only answer? Nathan Fatal argues that the two presidential hopefuls are essentially the same in the end.

The demoralizing state of democracy

Columnist Hannah Sparks discusses the current obstacles hindering our country from a having a democratic election in its true form.

Romney or Obama

Collegian blogger Tom Lynch questions this election’s presidential candidates.

Why ‘Obamacare’ isn’t for us

Christopher McKnight of the UMass Republican Club argues that Obamacare is bad policy for the American people.