UMass protests president-elect and pushes for sanctuary campus

Hundreds of students marched from the Student Union to Whitmore in a demonstration Wednesday.

SLIDESHOW: Sanctuary Campus Walkout

Protestors walked from the Student Union to Whitmore on Wednesday to deliver letters for a “sanctuary campus.” Photos by Jessica Picard, Caroline O’Connor, Aakanksha Gupta and Judith Gibson-Okunieff.

Students of Amherst Regional High School walkout in solidarity after election results

Amherst Regional High School students and community members marched to Amherst Common after the election of Trump Monday afternoon.

‘Student Blackout’ draws University response

Administration agrees to ‘answering session’

Students participate in walkout, protest multiple UMass issues

On Thursday, students gathered outside the Student Union as part of a walkout which was connected to National Day of Action for Education.