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Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk and The Daily Collegian Music section have united and are embarking on a journey. Though once we were separate our arms are now linked, our bodies tenderly traipsing through a field of tall grass in the shadow of far off mountains. Though the land is stark and barren, but it is tinged with the warmth of victory.

Behind us is the emptiness, far off land of local parties and bars tinged with the soft flutter of local music. Somewhere in the distance is a sea teeming with drummers, with guitar clad troubadours and songsmiths. Do you see them? Out there in the distance? Looking for a home.

Join us, our friends both new and old, as we explore the realms of this bold, new auditory frontier. A frontier without limits, that slowly dawns to the glowing sun of a new horizon. A place where our limbs are no longer useful to us. With them cast aside are bodies now unite, intertwine, and form a new whole.

Our ears are upturned to the sky and lo the wonders you can imagine! But you no longer have to. They are here.

Open your ears and hear the horn that blows this new glory, the anthem of a new land. A place where you no longer need to search through darkened wilderness for the best local music. A place where these bands come to you. Where you the faithful reader are rewarded with a bounty of live tracks, exclusive interviews and eye-popping videos. For those of you who have been searching. Set your eyes and ears on this, your new home.



Andyhasaband Wants to Be Heard, Listen Up

By: Tappan Parker | April 8, 2010

Meet Andy Gould. Andy has a band and they call themselves Andyhasaband.
The tale of how the band got started is an “ancient story of cryptic lore” according to Gould. “It came from kind of a belief that I couldn’t work well with others and that all my bands kept breaking up…”

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Chills from the Frills

By: Leigh Greaney | April 7th, 2010

There’s nothing like a heavy dose of irony to kick up punk appreciation. The not-so-frilly group “The Frills” know this well. The group members, all University of Massachusetts students, don’t even really like punk music, but they consider themselves part of the genre.

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On The Road with Leisure Colony

By: Michael Phillis | March 28th, 2010

Henry White’s Honda Element sat directly behind his bandmates’ two-wheel drive pickup truck. The truck lost traction on the snowy hill and began sliding back toward White’s car. Once the truck stopped, a decision was made to use the Element’s superior snow capabilities – the car has four-wheel drive – to push the pickup truck up the mountain.

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Killing Darlings

By: Leigh Greaney | February 22, 2010

Darlingside is hungry for some sushi and some Japanese stardom. On their Pacific wave ride journey to glory, the band stopped by UMass and Sweet Baby Lou and the Reverends of Funk’s office of airwaves to spread their sound into the ears of campus on February 3rd.

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Mallory and its Do-It-Yourself subculture rips the screws out of the capitalist machine. Since the 1970s, DIY culture has pitted itself against the materialist dogma. In a world where music is all about advertising and big labels, Niko Para, Justin Fallon and Andre Ricard of Mallory say “no thanks”

Outer Stylie

Outer Stylie beamed down to earth for WMUA and the Sweet Baby Lou and the Reverends of Funk radio show. Something of a space oddity, the band knew the most important part of being on the radio was looking really good. All dressed up to get down, Outer Stylie did just that.

Featured Video- Solo Sexxy– “The Precedent”

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