Free concert turns dorm lawns into Omish Country

By Scott Medeiros (State Hornet)

The dorm lawns erupted into a frenzy of flying straw and loud punk rock music on Sunday, Sept. 24, as the Hostile Omish performed a free concert for dorm residents.

Sacramento was the 14th stop for the Omish on their Olde Order Of Omish Tour, the band’s first ever tour of the United States. The show on the 24th was the second show in two days for the Omish. The previous night the band played a show at the Capitol Garage Caf* with local bands Mynoch, Brian Balentine and His Friends and the X Chromosomes.

According to the band’s drummer, Skwid, the band formed as a result of mutual angst stemming of being excommunicated from the Amish community in Middlefield, Ohio. The band saw this as an opportunity to vent their frustrations in the form of a hard rock-influenced punk band.

For both shows, the band brought a stage show, dressing in their own version of traditional Amish garb, with conventional plain button-up shirts bearing the band’s logo as well as the hats synonymous with the Amish people of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

In addition to the usual lineup of guitars, bass, drums and vocals, the band also plays of two butter churners, Fenis and P-Jug. Presence of the churns further added to the ambiance of the performance since the churning was somewhat choreographed and incorporated visual interpretations of the song lyrics.

With song titles like “Lizard Up My Butt Hole,” “Who Put Sea Monkeys In Mom’s Douche,” and “Let’s Build A Lean-To,” it was clear that those in attendance were not in for a conventional musical performance. Upon having a bail of straw ripped apart and heaved into the audience, suspicions were confirmed that there would be little normality in the band’s 45- minute set. Ironically, Skwid divulged during the course of the show that it “was the first time we had ever played sober.”

According to band manager, Jim Clevo, Sundays show was a “Thank you for the students of Sac State as well as for KSSU,” the student-run radio station on campus.

A moderate crowd of nearly 40 people attended for Sunday’s show. In support of the band were the bands Minor Catastrophe and No Common Sense. Both bands were political punk bands from the South San Francisco Bay Area.