Students find another way to enjoy snow: Alcohol

It was business as usual at local liquor stores yesterday, in spite of the drunken mayhem which ensued during Monday’s snowfall and the following day off.

“[Business] was down, but only because it was pretty treacherous” driving on Monday, said Rich Kellogg, owner of Big Guy Liquors in Amherst. “Actually, everyone seems laid up and enjoying the snow day off.”

While business was the same at Liquors 44, the clientele was noticeable different, according to Eric, a Liquors 44 clerk. “The elderly customers that tend to come [during the day] are down, but the students are up,” Eric said, also noting that the alcohol superstore actually lost business on Monday but to being forced to close about an hour early.

As for the Spirit Haus, things were slightly more interesting. On condition of anonymity, a Haus employee admitted that business had risen drastically last night after three p.m., with several individuals calling to inquire as to which kegs where available. Exactly which kegs were available had not been revealed as of press time.

It was known that the alcoholic beverage of choice in all establishments was the old UMass favorite: beer. The Big Guy stated that Busch Light was his best-selling product of the snow day, while Eric at Liquors 44 also said that beer was the beverage of choice.

If in fact University of Massachusetts students were consuming alcohol, they were careful and responsible.

“There were no known injuries or accidents related to alcohol,” reported the Amherst Police Department.

The UMass Police Department was unavailable for comment at press time.

University Health Services also had the same news to report. There were not any patients treated last night due to alcohol consumption.

Despite early closings of area businesses, UMass students found many different way to keep themselves busy.

Brian Tice was quoted as saying that he spent last evening consuming a lot of alcohol.

Sophomore Kennedy resident Jay Fielding took last night’s snow storm as a sign to participate in about a 200 person snowball fight in the Northeast Quad as well as playing football.

“I didn’t do much of anything. I made valentines,” said Van Meter resident Allegra Holland.

Sigma Alpha Mu member Jeff Sonas recaptured his youth by playing in the snow last night.

“I went to the DC and hung out there because it was so crappy out,” said Freshman Mike Kaplan, who Monday night also took part in a snowball fight in Sylvan.

Many students took today’s snow day as an opportunity to catch up on their favorite television shows as well as to do some homework.