By kevinkoczwara

I just rented “Enchanted” with my girlfriend because Wesley Morris and Ty Burr of the Boston Globe rave about Amy Adams performance. Well let’s just say it was well worth the free redbox rental.

Adams is very enchanting (oh yes I did it) as the princess from a magical world banished by her prince charming s step-mother to New York City. The movie moves through each and every Disney princess movie creations from times past (“Snow White” “Cinderella” “Little Mermaid” and others) to make fun of all the movies and their cliches. It ends up working int he end even though it is very predictable.

If you have to spend time with younger siblings, cousins, nephews, sons and daughters, friends, it is the perfect film. Amy Adams is great in every aspect and is a ball to watch. She has the vibe, look, voice, and innocence to make her the perfect real-life princess.

“Enchanted” is a real treat for any Disney lover and anyone trying to live in the glory days of Disney.

I also plan on watching “The Lion King” soon because when that came out it was the best thing to me since sliced bread as a tot. Just remembering when the animation and drawings for Disney movies were all hand done and not with computers make me feel like the children of today are missing something. The hard work that went into those movies was something special. They came out every few years and were always a crowd favorite because of their rarity. Now we have animated films coming out all the time. These kids don’t know what a treat the one Disney movie every few years was and the excitement that filled children’s hearts was either.