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The Downfall of the Thumb

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His thumb used to decide the fate of movies, careers and decide for millions what they thought was a good or bad movie. But ask yourself how long has it been since you’ve heard a movie getting ‘two thumbs up’?
In his old age, Roger Ebert’s health is failing. He is seeing less movies, and I am really bummed out. Upon visiting his website, you can see that recently Ebert has only reviewed one new movie, and has not passed his judgement on any of the current Hollywood productions in theaters.

Not only that, but Ebert has had the recent tendency to only review foreign films that a) no one would see. or review films that he knows will be good (i.e. he picked up around oscar time)

The end result is that now people have to decide whether or not they liked the movie for themselve, or worse use a democratic forum such as Oh how I long for the days of the monarchy of this man’s thumb, may they reign again.

UPDATE: 4/3/08
Roger Ebert to resume writing movie reviews, maybe he got our post?
By: Peter Rizzo
Collegian Staff
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