Hellboy II Excedes This Movie Snobs Expectations

By kevinkoczwara

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I must admit:Hellboy II was near the bottom of my Summer Blockbuster List. But I was moved to go see it, with the temptation of Chinese food being snuck into the theater (General Goa’s Chicken, Low Mein and White Rice, yum). I was mistaken when I wrote the preview for the movie in our Summer Guide . It was the only preview I would have the time to write (the other writers spent 4 or so hours, probably more, in the Daily Collegian office, in a basement with no windows, it’s a basement, on a beautiful spring afternoon at Umass). I though this sequel would be a bust, and was I sorely mistaken.

Hellboy II has been the best summer movie I have seen so far (Zohan was god awful, Get Smart got me to laugh, Iron Man rocked, The Chronicles of Narnia was like watching the Spanish and Portuguese invade South America, Indiana Jones 4 had the worst ending ever in cinema. Lucas and Spielberg love UFO’s more than I love John Harvards’ Rail Trail Ale, that’s a lot. And whatever ones I’m forgetting.) But Hellboy II was so much fun. I ate Chinese, spit some on the floor in front of me because I was laughing so hard. The monsters rocked, and the B Movie flower/nature God was unforgettable.

Del Toro has a flair that a lot of directors need to find. He knows how to balance mediums. Collecting genuine laughs, creating unforgettable characters and executing a plot.

Hellboy II gets this snobs recommendation.

Also, Tonight is the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight” and I’m about to burst into flames because I have to wait until tomorrow night at 8:30 to see it, and not in IMAX (14 something for tickets, forget it. I am a poor camp counselor/lifeguard/swim instructor).

Have fun everyone who gets to go to the midnight showing. And everyone who will enjoy Christopher Nolan’s direction like myself. He rocks. His brother rocks at writing. Go see “Following” and “Insomnia” and “Memento” and you’ll understand.