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Weekend at Home With Movies!

By kevinkoczwara

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This is going to be the second piece to the weekly column I will be writing for Friday’s paper about the upcoming movies. This blog post will however be a DVD recommendation for the weekend, maybe 2 if it’s a rainy one, that people should check out.

This week I will begin with a Norwegian film that I rented a few weeks ago, “Reprise.” The movie is about two friends whoa re aspiring writers. One with all the talent, and one with the ambition. They both attempt to get published, one does, and the other doesn’t. Then the talented writer (published one as well) has a nervous breakdown sue to the pressure. The other friend struggles with improving his skill and creating an original novel.

The movie moves along at a great pace. Just slow enough that when the ending comes it feels as though the movie moved in real-life time, not movie time. The characters develop and their friends develop. The movie certainly has a French feel to it with the editing, narration, and cinematography.

A great rental for anyone that will bring out the aspiring writer in all of us.

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