A tearful rejoicing

Watching Obama’s inauguration this morning gave me goosebumps. Not because I was standing in the bitter cold Washington Mall, but because for the second time in my life I was proud to call myself an American. The first time was election night. I have never been one to cry when I am happy, but today I lost it long before the ceremony even began. The tears were already on my cheeks when the crowd caught sight of the motorcade guiding our beloved hero as he traveled to take the oath.

I remember talking to a friend in high school about our American History class, saying how we needed an F.D.R. to guide us through and redefine American spirit. We both agreed it must have been wonderful to truly admire a leader like that. Today I believe we have found that very soul who will help us change our nation for the better. I may have goosebumps because I have been moved, but I would like to think it is because in spirit I was on that green waving an American flag for the man I trust as our new leader of the free world.

-Carolyn B.