A wake-up call I’ll never forget

Normally I would wake for nothing before noon during winter break, but today was different. After scrounging through my pants, which still lay next to my bed, I managed to pull out my cell phone. My voice still weak from the depths of sleep, I greeted my stepfather.

“Are you watching Obama?” he asked.
“Not yet.”
“Well get going, he’s being sworn in right now.”

I said goodbye, lay there for a moment and decided: Yes, this was definitely worth getting up for.

My house is very old, and consequently, very cold throughout the winter. As I huddled under a blanket for warmth while watching the ceremony and speech, the pomp and circumstance of an entire nation, I debated whether my eyes were watery because I was so moved or because I was still tired. All I do know is that I was excited about having someone I firmly believe in take office. Do me proud Mr. President.

-Colin McDonald