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Are we numb?

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By: Gisel Saillant

I’ve always loved going to class and watching the different groups on campus protest on issues they feel should be brought to justice. UMass has become an arena for students to assemble and exercise their freedom of expression, especially when they are dissenting on an issue.

My freshman year I was amazed because I felt that UMass was alive! Now I question if so much protesting is making us numb to the issues.

For example, in May of 2007, when Andy Card was given an honorary degree, UMass uproared with protest about his involvement in the Iraq War. The protest occurred before the  graduation ceremony and during the reception.

All I want to ask is, what did it do? If we are granted these freedoms to dissent we need to think of new ways of making them more effective or we will become numb to them.

Gisel Saillant can be reached at [email protected]

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