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Letters to the editor: September 17, 2009

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Dear Editor,

With The Health Care bill before Congress, are we in a battle of words between two parts of humanity, some who want to follow Abel in his love of God and care for fellowman, and in contrast, some, following Cain who succumb to evil desires rejecting God’s laws?

When Constitutional lawyers study this bill, why do they find unexplained additions that give greater power to the Executive branch? Such a transfer of power nullifies the Constitution’s most prominent provision of balance of government, and many of the peoples’ rights.But why do we have such a fast drive to destroy the U.S. Constitution?

We must keep in mind that the American colonists following Abel’s philosophy inserted into our Constitution the power of Congress to create the money for the nation. If put into practice, this would stop all government borrowing and clear all debts with 100 percent legal money. The bankers could borrow this Treasury money to reloan  if needed, and pay interest on it. There would be no private fiat money. 

We must get Congress to rewrite the Health Care bill in accord with God’s Laws and Abel lawyers.


Al Schmitz

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