SGA Voting Guide- House Council and Lieutenant Governor

By Chris Shores

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Welcome to’s Student Government Association guide for House Council and Lieutenant Governor voting. For our guide to Senate voting, click here.

Elections will be held Monday, September 28th and Tuesday, September 29th. Students can vote in the Campus Center from 11 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or in any of the dining commons, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. sent a voluntary questionnaire to candidates. Those who responded are listed below. To begin, click on your residential area. Below each category, there is a complete list of candidates who will be on the ballot.

Michael O’Connor, running for Lieutenant Governor of Sylvan, is running unopposed.

Most of the candidates running for House Council spots are also running unopposed.

Below are listed the positions that have at least two candidates running. Each candidate was sent an invitation to write a response for this site.

Cance President

James/Emerson President

Patterson/Mackimmie Secretary

Pierpont/Moore President

Van Meter/Butterfield President

Van Meter/Butterfield Treasurer

Webster/Dickinson President

Webster/Dickinson Vice President

Webster/Dickinson Treasurer

Webster/Dickinson Secretary

Candidates Running Unopposed

Coolidge President – Olivia Faulkner

Coolidge Vice President – Brendan Lucas

Dwight/Leach/Hamlin President – Joe Kalinowski

Dwight/Leach/Hamlin Vice President – Thony Tran

Gorman/Wheeler President – Hannah Oldenburg

Gorman/Wheeler Vice President – Patricia Frawley

Gorman/Wheeler Treasurer – Patrick Nguyen

Grayson/Field President – Daniel Attridge

Grayson/Field Treasurer – Thor Tillberg

John Adams Secretary – Sarah Brown

Kennedy President – David Wang

Patterson/Mackimmie President – Alyson Paige

Patterson/Mackimmie Secretary – Mitchell Beauchemin

Prince Treasurer – Beverly Eugene

Van Mater/Butterfield Vice President – Tony Gattuso

Washington President – Lauren Ross

Washington Secretary – Akusika Aye-Addo


1. Joshua Haney, freshman

Marketing Club, MASSPIRG, ISV

Throughout high school I was involved in several leadership opportunities such as captain of the varsity football team as well as president of an award winning community service organization (Gardner Leo Club). During my time served I learned the ups an downs of being a representative leader and have realized what it takes to get any job done. Not only am I independently driven, but I am also charismatic and tend to be a very good listener.

I have a very environmentally friendly stance and I would like to help Umass Amherst become a more “green” campus. It is my hope I can start some policies here at Cance and eventually expand to other parts of UMass’ campus.

2. Lindsay Holmes


1. Alex Audycki

2. Matthew Macedo


1. Tahina Chery

2. Akosua Sakyi


1. Fabian Schramm

2. Michelle White, freshman

WMUA and potentially intramural softball in the spring

I believe I’m qualified for this position because I did a lot of leadership work in my school, especially with the drama club, sports and other activities. I’m very focused on what people think and how things can be improved, and I’m definitely someone that loves accomplishing goals. If I set a goal I always try my best to reach it.

I plan to definitely make sure Pierpont and Moore are kept clean, especially during this winter with the flu going around. I also plan on making sure all of the equipment that is offered to the residents is up to date and in good working order. I hope to make Pierpont and Moore more friendly residential areas with many social functions happening, so that everyone has a chance to meet everyone.


1. Robbie Champagne

2. Kerry McDonough


1. Illa Kurenkov

2. Mia Shimokawa


1. Janam Anand

2. Hope Deeran

3. Garrett Gowen

History Club; Orchard Hill Area Government: Publicity Director/Coordinator; Leadership RAP

I served as Vice President of my class for two years (Junior/Senior); I have always been an active member of governing committees and councils (i.e. Prom Committee, Student Council, etc.); I am outgoing and always reading to take the lead; I am personable, and always willing to talk with anyone about anything really.

In talking with people around the cluster, I have found a general consensus that people want social interation between Webster and Dickinson, like dances, parties, socials, competitions, etc. I look for ideas from the students; if I am going to pursue something, I wan to make sure it is going to be supported by the people I am elected to serve. I am always open to new ideas, and am more than willing to discuss them.

4. Elyse Hartnett
I believe I am qualified for the position of president as I am a determined and
ambitious individual with a great love for people, their opinions, and their
interests. I have been an officer of the National Honor Society in high school,
was vice president of my class, and of the National Honor Society, and was
concert master of my ensemble.

Issues around campus I hope to improve upon include the unity within the
Webster/Dickinson cluster; whether it’s social events or ways to meet and help
each other through our talents and skills, our community should be brought
together and strengthened. Other issues to be improved upon would be the wifi
issue in and around the dorms, printing accessibility, and transportation to and
from the hill.

5. Tara Kelly

6. Kelsey Stokes


1. Kawinthi Fernando, freshman

I am well-qualified because I have held leadership positions all through high school. In addition to being President of the Future Educators Association, I have also been Vice President of my class, held many Committee- Leader positions in the National Honor Society, and have worked diligently with my student government during years I wasn’t elected to an official position. Also, I have attended the HOBY Youth Leadership Conferences since 2007 and am a trained Peer Mediator. I work well in all conditions and am very open to hearing all ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

Working for the Webster/Dickinson Cluster, my main focus will revolve around building a better community between the two buildings. This will surely involve cluster activities and events. However, I’d also like to focus on strengthening the available resources within each building. There should be a sense of reliability between Webster and Dickinson in regard to available resources, such as academic assistance, sufficient cleaning items, and entertaining lounge areas.

I hope to make working with SGA , for Webster and Dickinson, to be one of my main focuses this year. However, as time progresses I may find time to involve myself in other campus activities.

2. John O’Shea, freshman

I am a strong hard working leader. I am taking a leadership course here at u mass. Previously I was treasurer of my high school for four years. I was a very involved member of student council and peer mentors. I was also captain of my indoor and outdoor track teams. Finally, I was awarded the leadership award by my high school, and also a very prestigious leadership award awarded by the police department.

If elected I will fight for wireless internet in and around dorms. I will fight for printing in our dorms instead of having to go all the way down to the library. I will promote world and dorm peace. I promise to get many activites together such as voluteer work,movie nights, workout sessions, fisbee games etc..I will always listen to what my people want and do my best to deliver it.

I am a very outdoors/ active person. I am joining the pre-med society club, outing club, and the snowboarding club. I am red shirting this year on the cross country and track team. These activities will take up minimal time so I will be fully dedicated to my job.


1. Rebecca Brogan, freshman

Pre-Med Club, Best Buddies, BioSci

I have attended multiple leadership conferences that have taught be the skills I need to be a successful leader.

I plan to work with other students to get everyone’s issues resolved.

2. Kate Rivard, freshman

Outing Club

I believe I am qualified for this position because I am a hard working dedicated student, who loves getting involved. In my past experiences, I was President of the National Honor Society, Captain of both the Cross Country and Indoor Track team, and a member of model congress.

I plan on connecting WEB/DIC, to make for a stronger community base and implement many activites to make us stronger. I was thinking of trying to get a dodgeball tournament game started.


1. Katie Fitzgerald

2. Josh McAuliffe

Engineering student, UMSBC, Amherst sailing team

Experience: Peer Leaders Secretary freshman through senior year in high school

Traits: Organized, Crafty