Get it while it’s hot: Breakfast comes to NoHo

By Christiana McDougal

To the delight of their dedicated fans, The Breakfast is once again touring the Northeast, in promotion of their latest album, “Live As Is.” They will be performing at the Iron Horse in Northampton on Thursday October 29, which marks the start of their Halloween-inspired 11th Annual Fanghoulish Freakout Tour.

Describing themselves as a “hard hitting jazz rock experimental quartet,” the band has always kept their core psychedelic influence present within their music. Galvanized by their fan base, they have worked their way up through the music scene by remaining distinct in their blend of psychedelically rooted jam, funk, jazz and experimental rock music. The Breakfast infuses these genres into one hard-hitting, bass thumping musical blend.  

“Live As Is,” their seventh and most recent album, was released on September 12. The album, which was recorded from the band’s performance at The Field in Bridgeport, Conn., is the second live album that they’ve released and can only be purchased through their website,

Formed in Connecticut in 1998 under the name “Psychedelic Breakfast,” these self-taught musicians – original members include guitarist Tim Palmieri, bassist Rob Spears, keyboardist Jordan Giangreco and drummer Adrian Tramontano – have been together for 11 years. Currently, the only change in the members is the addition of Chris DeAngelis who plays bass and is a vocalist for the band. Collectively, The Breakfast has played over 1,000 shows.

Their original name is in reference to the Pink Floyd song, “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast.” Due to negative connotations some people associated with the term “Psychedelic [Breakfast],” the band made the difficult decision of withdrawing the psychedelic aspect of their name and calling themselves simply The Breakfast.

In 2004 they accepted their first Jammy Award, which gives praise to bands that perform live, improvisational music. For their work, they were awarded “New Groove of the Year.” Throughout their 11 years together, the band has played alongside Mike Gordon, moe., The Wailers, Umphrey’s McGee and Disco Biscuits. They have played at prominent music festivals including moe.down, Gathering of the Vibes and Camp Bisco.

The Breakfast is also known for doing covers of entire albums at their shows. At recent shows they have dedicated themselves to playing The Doors’ “Morrison Hotel,” The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and Phish’s “Lawn Boy.” By fusing such classic albums with their own funk-psychedelic-jazz style, it makes for an exceptionally enjoyable performance.

Members of The Breakfast are also busy working on their own side projects. Drummer Adrian Tramontano’s highly anticipated solo debut, “Vessel” was released earlier this month, while Palmieri plays acoustic shows in the New Haven, Conn. area, including an assortment of covers and original Breakfast songs. Palmiero, Tramontano and Spears also perform in a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band by the name of The Good Time Boys.

The show begins at 10 p.m. Thursday at the Iron Horse. Tickets are $10 in advance and $13 at the door. Amherst’s own Orange Television, a grunge/funk/fusion trio will be opening for The Breakfast, ushering in the powerful performance to come.

Christiana McDougal can be reached at [email protected]