Baby it’s cold outside, but you can still look hot this winter

By Liana Steir

Fashion is constantly evolving and being re-invented by not only designers, but everyday people, too. Currently, the trend of personalization reigns supreme. In addition to being weather conscious, the possibilities are endless for this new semester of fashion in a new decade.

Amherst in January sets a particular scene; sometimes it’s challenging to rock the latest trends while not freezing. While I am big believer that fashion trumps comfort, I’m also a big believer in a little thing called warmth. That said, don’t shy away from the coats and HSGs (hats, scarves, gloves). Right now especially, a lot of stores are having huge sales on warm coats.

Selecting a coat in a basic color, such as black or heather gray, opens up many more windows for fashion. Mixing prints and colors of your HSGs is much easier when you have a jacket that’s a basic color. Placing a little pin or personalized button at the top of your scarf makes the look your own. Don’t have a little pin or personalized button? No problemo. The Student Union Craft Center has dozens upon dozens of magazines you can flip through to make your very own button. How darling!

Now you may be thinking, what are some fierce colors for winter? The answer: reds, royal blue, fuchsia and mustard yellow. Just because its wintertime doesn’t mean you have to shy away from wearing hot colors. Purple hues are also in this season; purple tends to be a universal color that, depending on the shade, can we be worn all year round.

Don’t worry though, denim is still “in!” It’s a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. Though you could write a whole book on the art of selecting the right denim, whether you are male or female, there are a few little tricks of the trade. Some days, it feels as if the bone-chilling winds could blow right through your jeans. Ladies, in order to prevent this, may I suggest wearing leggings or tights underneath your jeans? It may be hard to get them on at first, but trust me – it keeps your legs so much warmer when walking around campus, and may even ease the fit of your pants.

A well-fitting, flattering pair of jeans is priceless, and investing in high-quality denim is wise. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune for the high-end brands, but you do want to devote time toward taking care of your jeans. Wash them inside out, and if you can, avoid putting them in the dryer – letting jeans air dry maintains the integrity of the fabric. I’ve seen affordable, great pairs of denim for men and women at places like H&M and The Gap.

Getting around in the snow sometimes proves to be a challenge. Because we live in New England, Uggs are totally appropriate in the winter, but they are not the only option! Outdoorsy brands like L.L. Bean and Land’s End are recognizing the demand for more fashion-forward footwear. Available in a wide range of colors at an affordable price, they are designed to repel all of Amherst’s wintery elements – now that’s a booty call!

Liana Steir can be reached at [email protected]