Jacques Rogge has declared the 2010 Olympics Closed

By Kate MacDonald

The games are officially over. When International Olympics Commitee President Jacques Rogge said some variation of these words just moments ago, there were boos and overall sounds of unrest filled the Olympic Stadium in Vancouver. His announcement comes after the Olympic flag was passed from the mayor of Vancouver to the mayor of Sochi, Russia, the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Though it’s a pretty unknown place, I have the feeling that it will rise to be a good host city. The small cultural ceremony they put on tonight was interesting, featuring Russian dancers in traditional costumes as well as their world-famous ice dancers. Viewers were finally treated to a Russian opera singer, pulled around the floor by a technological troika (a sort of wagon). Many famous athletes were also shown, including Wayne Gretsky and silver medalist ice dancer Yevgeny Pleshenko.

Before Neil Young sang “Long May You Run,” while the flame was extinguished, Jacques Rogge made his speech, saying that “these were excellent and very friendly games.” Maybe he forgot about the growing feud between American skiiers Julia Mancuso and Lindsay Vonn (with Mancuso making very public, veiled insults), or the disparaging comments made about Evan Lysacek by Pleshenko and Vladimir Putin?

Now we enter the newest phase of the ceremony, as Canadian celebrities make fun of their culture and traditions (most of their jokes seem to revolve around speaking two different languages and streaching out the “o” in “sorry). William Shatner, Catherine O’Hara (who seems to have seen better days), and Michael J. Fox have already spoken, bringing giggles to the crowd. Who’s up next?