Obama’s Olympic Beer Bet

By Kate MacDonald

So while they’re handing out today’s last medals, viewers might be interested in a cool story the announcers only just touched on! It turns out that President Barack Obama has been keeping a close eye on the Olympic Games just like the rest of the nation, even making bets on todays hockey final between the U.S. and Canada.

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the hockey game just a little more interesting. They decided to look past the glory and prestige an Olympic gold medal in hockey would bring and add a little alcohol into the mix. In the event of an American win, Harper would have been required to buy Obama a case of the little known Yuengling beer, as it’s comes from the oldest brewery in the U.S. Since that, unfortunately, was not the outcome of the thrilling match, looks like Obama will be treating Harper his native Molson Canadian!

Announcer Bob Costas, instead, chose to focus more on the musical aspects that have been peppering the show thus far. Three Canadian musicians- two women and a man (the winner of Canadian Idol, the girl who performed “O Canada” at the Opening Ceremony, and a Canadian Aboriginal guitarist, respectively)- performed the lack luster anthem of the Closing Ceremony, called “Let’s Have a Party.” Also performed was the anthem of the Olympics themselves, and the Greek National Anthem (a nod to Olympic history, though no Greek has ever won a Winter Olympic medal). This ceremonial part of the end of the games seems to be a lull in the Closing Ceremony.