The Ceremony has officially begun

By Kate MacDonald

Yet another countdown has taken place- the beginning of the end.

As NBC announcer Bob Costas has expressed, the Opening Ceremonies is more about ceremonial purposes, while tonight is a “big party!”

It’s ironic- there have been no major mess ups so far! Well, no intentional ones, that is. In a tongue-in-cheek reference to the problems marring the beginning of the Winter Olympics (when part of the holder of the Olympic Flame failed to work), the beginning of these Closing Ceremonies featured a clown taking part in the lighting of the Flame for the last time.

Also featured tonight are at least one hundred (maybe more) Canadian snowboarders, rushing to the floor at various intervals to stand in certain patters. Earlier, while Winnipeg band “Inner Eye” rocked out, they formed various designs and words (including strong) and they just came out to make the maple leaf below the Canadian flag as ” O Canada” was played in vigor in the background.

One disappointment- this band, “Inner Eye,” seemed to be really good… I just wish they could have sung or played a few songs, not just becoming background music!

Currently, the athletes are entering as one huge, happy crowd, not separated by nation as in the Opening Ceremonies, after their flag bearers (most notably was Canadian flag bearer Joanni Rochette, who earned the bronze medal, chosing to compete in women’s figure skaing though her mother passed on one week ago today).We just saw Apollo Ohno, screaming in joy, for instance. An interesting note- many, if not most, of the athletes are holding camcorders, keeping this amazing moment for posterity.