Hull to take up residence as housing director

By Collegian News Staff

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There is a new man presiding over the floors and dorms of the University of Massachusetts’ residential life system.

Eddie Hull, former dean of residential life and executive director of housing services at Duke University in Durham, N.C., will be taking over as the new executive director of housing and residence life, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life Jean Kim announced last Friday in a release.

“Eddie has been in housing management for a long time and comes to us with significant achievements most recently at Duke University and also at Southern Methodist University and the University of Arizona,” said Kim.

Despite Kim’s gush review, The Chronicle, the student newspaper at Duke, had less glowing things to say about Hull.

“Housing at Duke is a mess,” a 2005 editorial titled “Paging Eddie Hull” reads. “This condition has little to do with the nature of housing, even less to do with the fantastic staff of Residence Life and Housing Services, and a great deal to do with the leadership style of RLHS Dean Eddie Hull.”     

Hull is a graduate of the University of Arizona-Tucson, where he also received a master’s in counseling and guidance.

Hull will start in his new role at UMass May 1.

–Collegian News Staff