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We’ve all been there: You’re out at a party, you meet someone sexy, and when things start to heat up you head back to your place. The two of you are on the bed, making out, when all of a sudden the hottie stops you and says, “If things are going to go any further, I’d like to bring in my seventeen lovers, several bottles of alcohol, and someone to videotape this.” Not knowing what else to do, you agree. You wake up in the morning dangling from the ceiling by your feet, with a rope harness tangled around you and whipped cream (well, you hope it’s whipped cream) dripping out of your eye–and even though you have no idea what happened, you know that the rest of the porn-watching world will as soon as that video hits the internet. Don’t you wish, at times like these, that you had someone you could ask for advice?

Here’s the thing: I think that sex is awesome. I think that anything sexual that goes on between consenting adults is terrific, and that it’s wrong to shame anyone about any aspect of their sexuality. But I also know that sex and relationships can get complicated, whether you’re a monogamous, kinky, gay woman or a straight, vanilla, polyamorous man. I know that these things can be incredibly difficult and confusing to navigate, especially when you’re in college and still trying to figure out what makes you happy.

That’s why I’m writing this column: to give you a space to ask your questions about sex, sexuality, dating, and relationships.

Why, you might ask, (and wisely so, O Astute Reader!) should you take my advice? The best answer I can give you is that people tend to ask me for it. Though I would like to believe that this is because I am astoundingly intelligent, mature, and put-together, I think it probably has more to do with the fact that I do my best to stay open-minded. For example, I will never think that anything that turns you on is weird. Seriously. Try me. I’m much more likely to think it’s cool.

So if you’re wondering what to do if your roommate asks you out, how to get your boyfriend to improve his oral skills, or whether threesomes are the worst/best idea ever, send a message my way. No question is too boring or too wild. I’ll be updating 2-3 times per week with the answers to questions I receive, so get writing and send me your anonymous questions at http://formspring.me/talkittome. The floor is yours!