Manhattan Madness for Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

Courtesy of The CW


Greetings kiddies,

After a long summer, the Upper East siders are all finally back where they belong; Manhattan. Some of them have come back with a new outlook on life and others come back with arm candy.

BFF’s Blair and Serena start off to a seemingly good start at Columbia. All is fine for about, a minute, until Blair gets initiated into the Hamilton House by Nate’s new fling Juliette. Serena is disappointed, and this obviously causes drama between the two girls.

Thankfully, Blair and Serena have matured enough to realize that they should conspire against Juliette instead of each other.

Which leads into the question, who is Juliette and why does she so badly want to sabotage Blair and Serena’s relationship? Blair and Serena obviously have the same fight over and over again, but no one (aside from Rachel Carr in season 2 )has ever seriously wanted to hurt their relationship. Juliette definitely has ulterior motives and is definitely the character to watch this season.

As for all the boys?

Chuck comes back with Eva, his mademoiselle from la France! He convinces Lily to forgive him and to talk to Rufus to also ask for forgiveness. Rufus is almost convinced until Eric spills that Chuck came on to Jenny way back in season 1. Rufus then realizes that Chuck is always the same and will never change.

Contrary to Rufus’ opinion of Chuck, I think that Chuck has changed. Why else would he bring Eva back to Blair’s city if he didn’t actually love her? Why would he have taken the initiative to speak with Lily and make amends with the family if he didn’t care?

Dan is left with Milo, even though a second paternity test proves that the baby is not his. Georgie comes back from her wild getaway in St. Barts and finally dishes out that the baby in fact belongs to another MARRIED man. Unfortunately, this mystery man, who lives across the Atlantic, his wife found out that she was pregnant and hired a few Boris’s to kill G and the baby. Fortunately, by falsifying the fact that Dan was the father, G’s life was spared. Right, it’s about the most fortunate thing that has ever happened on the show.

Oh ya, and then after putting Dan through hell with this baby, our favorite evil witch takes Milo from Dan to go live with her parents. At least Lonely Boy still has V.

Nate, our beloved, has unfortunately fallen for Juliette. He actually likes this crazy woman that is out to get everyone in our favorite elite circle. In this process, he has also decided that he is mad at Serena and doesn’t want to even give her the time of day.

Now that we have a little recap of everyone’s whereabouts, let’s talk about a little thing that I’ll be introducing to my readers called the WTF? Moment of the week. I will define this as the moment of the show that was jaw-dropping, incredible, legitimately made me scream out at my television “WHAT THE &@$%?!?”.

This week’s award goes to Nate and Juliette KISS. That’s right. K-I-S-S. And the moment extends to include Nate actually LIKING her. WTF? Nate is bound to be with Serena, let’s be serious.

My personal favorite moment of the night was Blair and Serena’s ‘fist fight’; a staged act that was used to humiliate Juliette. Juliette, if you want to sabotage these girls, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than just getting Blair drunk and excluding Serena from one party to take them down.

Let’s leave off with some burning questions.

Will Milo end up with Dan? Will he end up crazy like his mother?

Will Serena and Blair be able to figure out Juliette?s motives and take her down?

Will Chuck and Eva last?

Will Rufus accept Chuck as a son?

Will Nate pursue Juliette for real? (We hope not.)

Until next time, kittens.


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