Columbia Causes Chao on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

Blair and Serena
Courtesy of The CW


Morning kittens.  Let’s recap the nights events.

We’ll just get right down to it and start with our WTF moment of the show … Juliette throwing Vanessa under the bus? No we all could see that coming, we all know that Juliette is only looking out for her and her jailbird’s best interests. And like everyone else on the show, they use each other for their own benefits. But, hello? Why are Dan, Nate, and Serena so quick to believe the new girl in town? Though Vanessa may come from the wrong side of the bridge (or Vermont), hasn’t she proved that she can play in the games too? Hopefully she’ll return from exile soon enough and figure out Juliette’s alter-ego.

And our Queen B keeps getting pushed aside by her once-beloved King Charles. Ever since Eva left him, his sole mission is to bring B down. What a shame, why can’t they realize that they are meant to be together?

After everything S dealt with this episode, will she turn into her old self again and burn all her bridges with her potential new beau? He bears a striking resemblance to an older flame known as Tripp Vanderbilt. Anyone agree? But, I think that we’re just glad that S is free and clear of an STD, if not anything else.

I’ve also decided to give out a new award on here; we’ll call it the “Look of the Show”. This week it obviously is given to Nate, at the end of the episode, when he is well, about to consummate his relationsip with Juliette. Even though he is getting played like a fiddle by Juliette, he sure looks wonderful while doing it. Yes, that kind of it.

And even though we have to wait TWO WHOLE weeks for the new episode, I am beyond excited to see what tricks Little J has acquired while at boarding school.

Will J ever come clean to Nate? Is she actually falling for him?

What could possibly be J’s jailbird’s vendetta against S?

Will B be able to stand her ground against C? Why can’t she just admit she’ll never stop lovng him?

Will D and V be able to eventually get over this little miscommunication?

What crazy schemes will Little J bring back to Manhattan with her?

See you in two weeks, kittens. XOXO.

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