Decision 2010

By Chris Shores

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The Massachuetts Daily Collegian has you covered for Decision 2010. We will be updating live as the returns come in tonight. To find polling locations, please see our google map. To read more about specific races, please see the sidebar to the right and scroll over the text to click on the hyperlinks.

Decision 2010: Bay State voters choose between “generational responsibility” and limited government

By: Sam Butterfield | Nov. 1, 2010

On Tuesday, Massachusetts voters will decide the state’s next governor, voting between incumbent Deval Patrick, Republican Charlie Baker, Independent Tim Cahill and Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein.

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Deval Patrick

Charlie Baker

Tim Cahill

Jill Stein


Decision 2010: Massachusetts election previews

By: Sam Butterfield | October 11, 2010

The Nov. 2 midterm elections are fast approaching, and this year, Massachusetts will see several fierce fights for various offices.

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Massachusetts Congressional races tighten

By: Sam Butterfield | October 18, 2010

After playing alongside two of the best offensive players in college hockey, junior forward T.J. Syner will be in an integral role for goal-scoring this season. So far this season, Syner’s three points in three games is well on pace to double his 13 total points from a season ago.

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Massachusetts ballot questions: No, No and No

By: Editorial Board | October 20, 2010

The Daily Collegian Editorial board feels strongly that Massachusetts residents need to vote against all three ballot questions on November 2. The questions deal with the state tax on alcohol, building laws for low- and moderate-income housing, and the state sales tax.

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Scroll over the text to click on links to Collegian stories of the races below:

Ballot Questions

1. Sales Tax on Alcohol
2. Permits for Income Housing
3. Sales and Use Tax Rate

Columns about the questions:
Yes on 1
No on 1
Yes on 3
No on 1, 2 and 3

Congressional Races

District 1
John Olver, Dem.
Bill Gunn, Rep.
Michael Engel, Ind.

District 2
Richard Neal, Dem.
Tom Wesley, Reb.

District 3
Jim McGovern, Dem.
Marty Lamb, Rep.
Patrick J. Barron, Ind.

District 4
Barney Frank, Dem.
Sean Bielat, Rep.
Susan Allen, Ind.
Don Jordan, Tax Revolt Ind.

District 5
Niki Tsongas, Dem.
Jon Golnik, Rep.
Dale Brown, Liberty
Robert Clark, Citizen Leg.

District 6
John Tierney, Dem.
Bill Hudak, Rep.

District 7
Edward Markey, Dem.
Gerry Dembrowski, Rep.

District 8
Mike Capuano, Dem.

District 9
Stephen Lynch, Dem.
Vernon Harrison, Rep.
Philip Dunkelbarger, Ind.

District 10
William Keating, Dem.
Jeff Perry, Rep.
Maryanne Lewis, Ind.
Joe Van Nes, Bring Home Troops
Jim Sheets, Ind.

State Positions

Lt. Governor

Tim Murray, Democrat
Richard Tisei, Republican
Paul Loscocco, Independent
Richard Purcell, Green-Rainbow

State Rep. – Amherst
Ellen Story, Dem.
Dan Sandell, Rep.
Dan Melick, Ind.

Northwestern District Attorney
Dave Sullivan

Attorney General
Martha Coakley, Dem.
James McKenna, Rep.

Sec. of Commonwealth
William Galvin, Dem.
William Campbell, Rep.
James Henderson, Ind.

Steve Grossman, Dem.
Karyn Polito, Rep.

Suzanne Bump, Dem.
Mary Connaughton, Rep.
Nathanael Fortune, Green-Rainbow