Fashion do’s and don’t’s from the ‘Gossip Girl’ crew

By Ashley Berger


Blair and Serena
Courtesy of The CW

Hey kittens, so there’s no new episode this week so I figured why not compile some “Picks Lists”.

We’ll start with Queen B, who has looked spectacular in every outfit she’s worn so far this season. Her top three looks have been …

  1. Looking like a businesswoman is a look that simply works for the reigning Queen B. Clad in a brown dress paired with simple yet elegant pumps, Blair shines in “The Undergraduates” episode. Tied at the waist with a signature Blair bow, the chocolate brown dress complements her fair skin and dark brown hair in the best way in this look.
  2. Blair is just a little bit sparklier than the rest of the upper-east side crowd, and in her silver all sparkle dress, she shines. On anyone else, the dress would look like a disco ball, but paired with black pumps with a rhinestone accessory, Blair simply outshines the rest of the island.
  3. My favorite outfit of the season so far, and possibly of the series has been Blair’s red dress from Paris. Tight on top and tiered at the bottom, the red is a perfect color for her. She looks stunning in the gown, and it fits her perfectly. The dress looks so perfect on her, it’s just a shame that Chuck couldn’t have taken her back in this episode as well.

As for Serena … some of her outfits have been questionable. Why is our favorite golden girl so down when it comes to fashion this season? Her faux pas have included …

  1. The red cut out dress – Not only are cutouts not flattering on anyone, the design of the dress was horrendous. Serena looks good in jewel tones, but not the deep red color of the dress. The structure was odd and made Serena look HUGE, something that she is not.
  2. In the episode “The Undergraduates”, Serena thinks again that it is a good idea to wear cutouts. It’s not. She wears a black and white semi-checkered, semi-zebra print dress adorned with an aquamarine jeweled belt and neckline. The dress cuts up in the middle, and looks extremely awkward. It makes Serena look awkward and old.
  3. In the second episode of the season entitled “Double Identity”, Serena pairs high waisted royal blue pants with a white top and obnoxious gold glittery jacket. Like I said above, Blair can pull off the sparkle, Serena in this episode just couldn’t. The outfit literally looks like she got dressed in her overwhelmingly wonderful closet, and pulled out the three most random items. Not to mention that Serena’s hair literally looks like she has a rat tail, which is absolutely not okay.

The boys have also been looking pretty good. Let’s talk about each boys best look of the season so far.

Chuck – Even with a cane, Chuck pulls of the bruting, torn devishly handsome guy that he is. In “Double Identity” Chuck is dressed in a brown pin-striped suit, and looks dashing on the streets of Paris. We bet Blair and Eva think he’s handsome as well.

Nate – As I said in my last post, anytime Nate takes off his shirt is my pick for best look. I dare anyone to argue with me on this one.

Dan – Also has been looking very buff lately. The episode that him and Vanessa, well you know, he looks great clad in just a white muscle tee.

So for the next week, I’ll leave you with some burning questions…

Will B continue to dress like the shining star she is? I hope so.

Will S hurry up and stop picking weird, ugly outfits? I hope so.

Will N take his shirt off in more episodes (just not while doing it with Juliette)? I really hope so.

Will B and C get back together in time to make the most fashionable couple on the show? I really, really hope so.

Will this week fly by so we can see what happens when Little J comes back to the island?

Well, kitties, that answer is obvious. Until next week…

You know you love me. XOXO.

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