How to get “Monster Smashed”

By Ashley Berger

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Aside from being an extremely popular 2009 song by rap group LMFAO, “shots” also happen to be a crucial part of most college students’ Halloween evenings. In case you’re used to taking straight shots of $13 vodka, here’s a list compiled just for you using a wide variety of alcohol that is sure to tickle your taste buds on this spooky night.

Brain Hemorrhage
Mix three-quarters Bailey’s Irish Cream and one-quarter Rumplemintz. The mixture will cause the Bailey’s to curdle, giving the shot a brainy look. Add a few drops of grenadine to give the shot a bloody brains effect. For this recipe, you can use virtually any type of alcohol to mix with Bailey’s; it will still give it a brain visage.

Hate the feeling or image of bugs crawling all over you? In this drink, you’ll be able to see them before you drink them. Mix equal amounts of vodka, peach schnapps, Irish Cream and Kahlua. Similar to the recipe above, the Irish Cream will curdle upon it’s reaction to the other alcohol, giving the appearance of little creepers in your drink. Drink fast!

Life in Hell
Layer Tabasco and tequila in a shot glass. Add in a slice of jalapeno and top of with a splash of everclear. Carefully, light the shot on fire, then quickly blow the flame out, take the shot, and eat the jalapeno. These are for professionals only – and don’t drink too many, or you will literally wish you were in hell the next morning.

The Jello Shot
The is the easiest shot to make on the list, because chances are everyone has already made them once or twice. For beginners, buy “jigglier” molds in the shape of all things Halloween. Prepare Jello as you normally would and stir in the vodka as well. Use different colors by using food dye for different molds. Chill and shrill as you take these gooey shots. For added Halloween-themed fun with this recipe, buy syringes and fill them will the Jello before refrigeration. If your costume is a nurse or a doctor, this drink also makes the perfect accessory.

Vampire’s Kiss
Pour one-third raspberry liqueur, one-third part vodka and one-third part cranberry juice into a shot glass. The sweet taste resembles what it would probably taste like to kiss a vampire, and the red color resembles what your neck would look like when he is done kissing you.

The Screaming Green Monster
Mix pineapple juice, 7-Up, Bacardi 151, Midori and Malibu Coconut Rum. Shake well before straining into a shot glass. The mix will turn out a ghastly green. Drink one too many of these shots and you’ll be screaming like the green monster.

Freddy Kreuger
Everyone’s favorite killer comes in two forms: the crazy knife-welding man, and the deathly shot. Mix equal amounts of vodka, Jägermeister and Sambuca. The syrupy sweetness causes the shot to go down slow and painful, but sweet nonetheless, leaving you begging for mercy just as the movie character would before he kills you.

Candy Corn Shot
While candy corn is arguably the most popular Halloween candy, it is also quite tasty in shot form. Layer one-third ounce Galliano, followed by one-third ounce orange curacao, and finally one third ounce cream to create a shot that looks just like the treat. Enjoy as the shot goes down sweet like candy!

Pumpkin Pie
What’s sweeter in October than homemade pumpkin pie? Answer: A pumpkin pie in shot form. Mix Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Bacardi 151 Rum. Add cinnamon on top for a spicy and sweet flavor.

Caramel Apple Shot
After taking the Pumpkin Pie shot, are you still craving something super sweet? Mix one ounce of Apple Liqueur with one ounce of Butterscotch Schnapps. This drink goes down sweet, sour and sugary, and is sure to ease your sweet tooth craving for a while.

For added fun, make sure you buy festive shot glasses with which to take these drinks. Please drink responsibly.

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