How to haunt your room for $20

By Leslie Rosenfield

Fall is now upon us. October brings the crisp, fresh and breezy air that moves the orange leaves through the sky. The season comes alive with aromas of apple cider and pumpkin pie. As the month of October creeps along, more and more people become invested in Halloween. Costumes are put together, baked goods are prepared and, most importantly, decorations are bought or made to deck out dorm rooms. Many ideas are thrown around when wanting to deck out a room for the upcoming festivities. Luckily, there are a few hints about how to decorate your room in Halloween style for just 20 bucks.

When pimping out your room in either the scariest or most charming designs, steps must be taken to show off your love of Halloween in a cost-efficient way. The first thing you will want to do is assess the supplies you already have in your room. Colored paper, glue, tape, scissors and perhaps some markers are all essential components. With these tools you will be able to create an original work of Halloween art to call your own. If you lack these materials, do not worry – colored paper and tape can be bought for only five dollars at either Target or Michael’s. Perfect; Now you’re down to $15, and you already have the means to make dozens of paper ghosts, spiders and witches!

Another key aspect of presenting a mysterious look to your room is lighting. Black lights, or black light bulbs, can be the perfect touch. One last do–it-yourself at home project is easy and can bring your dorm room up a notch, just by using cotton balls. Simply take your cotton balls and glue them into different shapes of ghosts. Done.

Homemade materials are always great, but if you really want to get down to some hard-core decorations then round up your spare change and head to the Dollar Store, Target or Michael’s for some inexpensive supplies. Jot down on your to-do list the goods that will bring all your décor together. Upon entering these stores scout first and foremost for black and orange streamers, usually priced between one and four dollars. You can tape them in various designs across your ceiling, around your bedposts or shred them for a scary look.

Another fun element you can add are signs saying things like “Beware” and the classic “Boo!” These sparkly word decorations will only cost you $2.50 at Target and add a pinch of sleekness. This leaves your pockets deep enough for a few more things.

So far, your room is looking quite fabulous. Bats and spiders are in place along side the streamers bringing the look together. To bring your dorm room to the ultimate level, just two more essential items are needed to complete your Halloween decorations.

You’re down to about 17 dollars right now, which gives you enough leeway to purchase a pumpkin! No Halloween room is complete without a carved jack-o-lantern. Spice up your pumpkins by carving scary, pretty or just plane old goofy faces that will definitely have your friends talking about your spectacular decorations.

Add it up and you’ve spent just $20 on the perfect spooky and playful Halloween decorations that will have everyone jealous. This task will keep your mind at bay from all the midterm work cramping your style, and soon enough it will be that glorious night of Halloween, when you can get down in style amongst all your terrifying hard work.

Leslie Rosenfield can be reached at [email protected]