Madness in Manhattan on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

Courtesy of The CW


Bonjour, mes chéries!

Two weeks, fourteen days, and countless hours of me waiting patiently for the newest installment my favorite guilty pleasure. And boy oh boy was I impressed!

Serena never fails to surprise me with her sexcapades and her innate grace. She proves the rumor true that she did sleep with a professor, though she was unaware of his professional status at the time of well, ya know. Though the most eligible bachelor in New York says he’ll be dedicated to her and only her, Serena realizes that her education and proving to herself just who smart she really is is far more important than any guy. Awww S, growing up so quickly.

We left Juliette and Nate getting hot and heavy, and now they are getting themselves into sticky situations with each other. They both awkwardly encounter one another at the prison that houses Captain Archibald as well as Juliette’s brother Ben. Juliette lies and says she volunteers there, but our golden boy knows better than that! He figures out that it’s really her brother who is there. Good boy! However, after talking and reasoning with Ben, Juliette is under the impression that he will be kind enough to let Juliette be with Nate. Shocker of the century that he ends up beating the sh!t out of the Captain.

And our favorite little J has returned to the big city after some time at boarding school. Though she’s only home for a day Queen B made sure she welcomed her with open arms. Not at all, but Jenny merely wanted to have her meeting with Tim Gunn, get a recommendation, and move on. Blair found a way to sabotage her, which only made Jenny mad to the point where Jenny revealed THE secret. Yup, that one.

Our favorite BASStard had lured Jenny to the Empire to give the impression that J had violated the terms of her and B’s agreement of not going to see anyone. Chuck “mistakenly” took Jenny’s portfolio and she had to go get it. B’s minions sabotaged J’s designs and ruined her interview.

Our WTF moment of the show came when Jenny revealed the secret. In this moment, Jenny essentially took down Chuck and Blair at the same time, a feat that no one, not even the biggest GG fans would have thought was possible. Even more reason to scream WTF!?!?!? was the style in which Jenny handled herself. She was pleasant to both Blair and Chuck when she parted, leaving both our king and queen speechless.

While I can’t wait to see next week’s show, I still have some lingering questions …

What the hell was S wearing to the party? Did we not decide that cutouts were a huge fashion faux pas?

Will J and N fall apart soon? Let’s hope.

Can Little J stay away from Manhattan forever?

Will B and C’s truce last? Will the rekindle the old flame?

Is S actually going to try to be a good student?

What is J doing with S’s new lover?

Until next week, kitties. XOXO

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