Major League Baseball postseason gears up Tuesday

By Cam Dunbar

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The Major League Baseball postseason opens Tuesday, without the familiar Boston Red Sox. For the first time since 2006, the Red Sox will not be contending for a World Championship. A thrilling last two weeks of the season has left eight teams the possibility of winning the 106th World Series: In the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees; in the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies,  Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, and Atlanta Braves.

The Tampa Bay Rays will try to reach the World Series for the second time in three years while the Minnesota Twins will try for the first time since 1991, the Rangers for the first time at all. The New York Yankees will try to win their 28th world championship, and back to back as well, much to the dismay of Red Sox fans.

In the National League, the Atlanta Braves last made the Series in 1999, the Reds in 1990, the Giants in 2002. The Philadelphia Phillies will try and become one of the best teams in National League history, by reaching the World Series in three straight years and winning two of those.

The postseason proves to be dramatic as teams fight to prove a season that started in February worthy. As darkness settles in earlier, October baseball is in the air. Every game counts from here on out, and the best of Major League Baseball are ready to prove themselves deserving of a World Championship.


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