Wolfmen invade the Pioneer Valley

By Hannah Cohen

We hear a great deal about conspiracy theories these days: from the ubiquitous “9/11 was an inside job” stickers to green men on the dark side of the Moon. From within this field of rankly implausible notions, there has surfaced one theory, which we believe to be true.

As journalists, it has fallen to us to inform you that a group of Wolfmen will soon walk among us. Do not panic. They are harmless so long as no attempt is made to separate them from their instruments.

These bestial apparitions go by the name of Wolfman Conspiracy, and will be performing at The Bishops Lounge in Northampton, MA on Friday, Oct. 1 along with Albany, N.Y. based band “Timbre Coup.” The Wolfmen are an eight-piece ensemble who play what they term, “power reggae.”  Founded three years ago, they are comprised mostly of University of Massachusetts alumni and students

Emanating the infectious energy of a litter of newborn wolf pups, the band draws their audiences onto their feet with their sheer enthusiasm. Dom Mazzolli, the band’s lead singer, provides a soaring thread that ties together the band’s sound. Combining his keen edged wailing with strong wind instrumentation and emphatic drum lines creates an effect, which is more than intriguing.

“To be an original artist you want to play music that you find fulfilling while at the same time providing an atmosphere that people will want to come see,” another of their members, Nick Gingras, mused. “This is what Wolfman Conspiracy is all about!”

Nick spoke highly of his band members and the time he spends with them. They clearly have a family-like bond between one another.

“The Wolfman Conspiracy is a contagious band. From its conception in choosing members, the theme was high energy and fun, we try to keep this theme inherent in everything we deliver.

These Wolfmen are a band that does anything other than run with the pack, and in doing so, they’ve crafted a unique twist on a tried-and-true genre. The band cites influences such as Rubblebucket, P-Funkadelic, BURU Style, Akashic Records, Talking Heads and Slightly Stoopid. They strive to provide tunes for a more independent listener who can appreciate these styles yet yearns for a new vibe.

Rather than, “[getting] sucked into the monotony of being a reggae band,” the band wanted to go a different route, and howl entirely new tunes into the night air. While they are quick to note that they have no wish to disparage “modern reggae bands… like 311 or Sublime for instance,” their desire to make new tracks is strong indeed.

Not ones to waste effort, they have already garnered praise in the form of a nomination for the best reggae category in The Valley Advocate’s Band Slam, and performed all around the Northeast.

Nonetheless, as with all upcoming artists who wish to cut their teeth, there is no proving ground more authentic than a live audience. For a mere $5, you can be a part of the making, or breaking, of these young wolf men. Just be sure to pack a tinfoil hat in case those Moon men show up.