10 More Sites that Your Homework Hates

By Ashley Berger

Courtesy of icanhascheezburger.com

The internet is filled with thousands of websites waiting for you to stumble upon, so I decided to create a second list of even more websites that will help you procrastinate and learn more useless information

1. BarstoolSports.com/ Stoolala

Regardless of the debate about the ethics and morality of Dave Portnoy and his minions blogs, Barstool/ Stoolala is still arguably one of the funniest sites on the web. Filled with Portney’s (better known as ‘El Pres’) reactions and comments about sports, women, and everyday random social situations, the Stool has become a college kid’s go-to place for updates and just a laugh in between classes. Though some people have complained about the Stool’s “derogatory” connotation and perception of women (due to the “exploitation” a.k.a Smokeshows of the Day and various other hot female contests), it is adored by male and female collegiate students alike. Like me for example, I’m an average 20-year-old girl, and can’t get enough of this site. I think it’s extremely entertaining. Along with Portnoy, the site features blogs from Jenna, who targets a female audience, and Devlin the Intern who posts random other links. The site sponsors college events such as Stoolapalooza, Back to Stool, etc. El Pres also always gives a shout out to how great UMass is, so why wouldn’t you read it?

2. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com

We all have them. We’ve all been forced to look at them. This website has tons of them. What is it that I am talking about, you ask? Awkward family photos, obviously. This site takes and categorizes weird and random pictures that literally are just plain awkward. From families dressed in all denim, to strange could-be sexual poses, and everything in between, this site is sure to make you chuckle and feel much better about that bowl hair cut you had in the fourth grade (not that I am speaking from experience).

3. Youtube.com

I know in one of my last blog updates, I gave readers a list of youtube videos that you must watch, but like the internet itself, youtube is FULL of funny and weird things. Type in anything on the search bar and see what you come up with. I can assure you, you might not always get what you’re expecting.

4. icanhascheezburger.com

This site is particularly near and dear to my heart for the sole reason that I love cats.  I cannot even necessarily deny that one day, I may become a cat lady (I actually hope that doesn’t happen though). Each picture is captioned with a saying that accurately describes the cats actions. Even if you don’t think the captions are that funny, the kittens are beyond precious and will get you your fix of daily cuteness.

5. collegehumor.com

We’re all in college. We all like funny things. This site pertains to college kids and funny things. That is all.

6. lamebook.com

What’s better than reading your friends bad status updates? Reading the entire Facebook communities, of course! This site takes the lamest and funniest statuses, blurring out the actual poster’s picture and/or names and allows everyone to read them. Set up in a similar fashion as textsfromlastnight.com, Lamebook is another great way to realize that maybe you and your friends aren’t so lame after all (then again, you could end up seeing your status on it, so be careful!).

7. perezhilton.com

Though Perez recently underwent some scrutiny for making some off-color and off-putting comments, the site is still wildly entertaining to read. The site features updates on celebrities and their personal lives while critiquing fashion choices, restaurant choices, whose-with-who choices, and other things of the sort. If you like celebrity gossip, this is definitely the site for you!

8. Mylifeishp.com

This site is exactly like My Life is Average, except better, because your life is Harry Potter. Filled with exclamations and just plain weird things that people do that remind them of Hogwarts, this site makes everyone wish they were Harry, Hermione, or Ron in real life.

9. Mylifeisbro.com

Having went to a high school where lacrosse was arguably the best sport, I am partial to give a shout out to bros. Functioning again exactly like My Life is Average and My Life is HP, My Life is Bro exemplifies the bro-ness of the world around us and makes us all to want to wear pinnies, backwards hats, and carry around a lax stick all day.

10. dailycollegian.com

Not that I should have to explain why this site is SO great, but I will anyways. Not only is the print version of the Collegian uploaded daily to the web, the site also features, slideshows, links, and the ability to comment on articles at your leisure. The website also features BLOGS by some GREAT writers. The blogs range from everything from TV shows (when you finish reading this, read the Gossip Girl blog), from recipes, to sex tips, three quintessential necessities that all college-aged students should be well-informed of. So next time, you’re sitting in Mahar in a lecture hall, check out what’s on the site instead of trying to do the impossible word search in print form!

Ashley Berger can be reached at [email protected]