Disa Brejnrot’s UStyle

By Leslie Rosenfield

Leslie Rosenfield/Collegian

Winter is fast approaching, with heavy gusts of wind roaring by the library and temperatures finally dropping into the 30s. With the weather in mind, many of us are wondering how to look stylish while keeping warm at the same time? Throughout campus, many have achieved this feat, including Disa Brejnrod a first-year political science graduate student from Denmark.

Disa pulled off the casual winter look by keeping her neck warm with a colorful, detailed scarf she purchased in Jordan for only $2! Wrapping up most of her body was a navy blue, hooded wool jacket, which also had buttons and a belt tie to ensure ultimate warmth. This cozy coat can be found at Zara for $65. Underneath her timeless jacket, Disa rocked a high-waisted black skirt with a blue, long-sleeved knit shirt tucked in. These items can be found at H&M for roughly $20.

 To pull the entire urban-chic look together, Disa sported brown tights and grey lace-up suede boots, which have climbed to the top of the fashion list this season. You can find these comfy, snug boots at DSW for a mere $30. Another element adding a bit of flare and color was her vintage, mustard-colored leather side satchel. The side bag is definitely in for the fall and winter seasons; it is a lightweight purse which holds a lot, is functional and can spruce up any ensemble. To round out her style, Disa showed off how eco-savvy she is by riding her old-school pink, black and white bicycle around campus, which she bought at Wal-Mart for just $75. What a bargain!

Disa definitely incorporated her European edge, environmental outlook and charm into her entire outfit. She is a woman on the go but keeps warm for the upcoming winter season. Disa explained that her inspiration for this ensemble and her style in general comes from the weather. The temperature and how it looks and feels outside help her choose what to wear on a day-to-day basis. She also revealed that her favorite fall and winter colors are blue and grey. These colors can bring a fresh and colorful quality to any outfit. Disa certainly knows how to pull a look together – for style and for function. She’s a girl who knows how to incorporate the winter casual look while keeping toasty.

Leslie Rosenfield can be reached at [email protected].