Glee Never Been Kissed

By Alissa Mesibov

Courtesy of Fox


Hello Gleeks!

So it has been a painful two weeks since the last episode. I freely admit that my predictions were wrong about Charice making her return as Sunshine. As much as I love her character, I could not be happier to be wrong. Epic barely begins to describe this week’s episode.

During a locker room talk, Sam and Finn discover that they are in the same boat. They are both overly hormonal high school boys who have trouble controlling themselves when making out with their celibate girlfriends. They both find relief in picturing the most depressing and least sexy image that they can imagine. For Finn, it is driving his car into and killing a civil servant. For Sam, it is Coach Bieste in lingerie. Unfortunately, it is the latter of the two as a way to cool off that catches on like wildfire amongst the members of New Directions, both male and female. When Bieste finds out from Mr. Schu, who cannot lie, whether or not it is a white lie, she immediately quits. Sue celebrates by shooting off confetti cannons and cackling in a way that is quite reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Meanwhile, the harassment that Kurt faces at school for his sexuality is starting to wear down on him. Everyone’s favorite future fashion star and king of the falsetto can no longer put on a brave face. One minute he is irritable towards those who love him, and breaking down in tears the next minute. Since the challenge is another boys versus girls competition, he is sent to spy on the all-boys Dalton Academy Warblers. There, he meets the kind and, if I do say so myself, hot lead singer, Blaine (Darren Criss, best known as Harry in the youtube sensation, “A Very Potter Musical.” If you have not seen it, I command you to click the following link. You will not be disappointed.

Blaine, who is also gay, was unable to stand up to bullies at his previous school, so he abandoned it for Dalton and its zero tolerance bullying policy. As he and Kurt get to know each other over the week, Blaine encourages Kurt to have courage and stand up to the main bully, Dave Korofsky (played by Max Adler). When he finally does take a stand, we discover that Dave’s cruelty is not out of ignorance, but out of fear that he, too is gay. How do we know this? Perhaps the most shocking moment in “Glee” history revealed all, when in a heated argument, Dave grabs and kisses Kurt. Blaine later helps Kurt talk to Dave, but to no avail. As Blaine put it “he isn’t coming out any time soon.”

By the end, it seems that Kurt and Blaine are on their way to more than just friendship. Also, while Puck was supposed to be helping Artie as community service, it turned out that Artie is really the one who will be helping the recent juvenile hall resident. Bieste reveals her inner shy, and never-been-kissed girl to Mr. Schuster, who then is her first kiss and convinces her to return to McKinley, which I can only guess will be to Sue’s extreme dismay. The boys of New Directions find a way to apologize through a tribute to the women of Motown.

Again, “Glee” lines up with reality perfectly. After the recent suicides committed by teens bullied because over their sexuality, this episode is like a Trevor Project message, except instead of just a celebrity telling you “It Gets Better,” it comes with a plot, some amazing songs, and endearing characters. Blaine becomes Kurt’s own personal encouragement to stand up to the crap he deals with and to know he is better than the bully.

Next week’s episode has had Hollywood abuzz for some time. Gweneth Paltrow had been a rumored guest star on “Glee,” but no one would confirm it until the promo for the upcoming episode aired. Gweneth Paltrow is no newbie to theater and is one of the better actresses out there, so I for one, am very excited. The only song shown on the promo is “Umbrella,” by Rihanna, though it looks like it will be a tribute to the 1952 classic film, “Singin’ in the Rain.” Wikipedia lists two numbers from the movie musical (the title song and “Make Em’ Laugh”) to be performed.

And now, on to the “Of the Weeks!”

Song of the Week
I personally loved the a cappella influence on the Dalton Warbler’s rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” While it was not purely a cappella, the vocal parts mixed in a way that is very similar to those of a cappella groups. If you like the style, I highly recommend going to one of the UMass campus’s many a cappella group shows, like Vocal Suspects, Dynamics, Kolot, or the all-male Doo Wop Shop.

Moment of the Week
I don’t think I’m surprising anyone by naming the most surprising moment of the episode. Dave grabbing and kissing Kurt resulted in many screams and expletives by the fans. The moment was shocking and dramatic in a jarring way. Though I did not like the unwanted contact that Dave was forcing on Kurt, it was an absolutely stunning moment.

Here is the episode for your viewing enjoyment.

I do have some disappointing news for you, Gleeks. We only have two episodes left in the front eight of season two, before the mid-season break. Judging by the past few episodes, though, things are only going to get better, if that is even possible.

Till next week, Gleeks,

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