Sharnia Dottin’s UStyle

By Kate Evans

Kate Evans/Collegian

Tired of wearing gym gear to class? Take Sharnia Dottin’s lead and dress up for the occasion!

Dottin, a senior at the University of Massachusetts, stood out in Sut Jhally’s in-person “Media, PR, and Propaganda” class this past Wednesday as a fashionista in an auditorium of clones. Surrounded by a sea of Ugg boots, Victoria Secret sweatpants, and UMass hoodies, Dottin’s chic look caught many eyes.

The communication major was rocking a long-sleeved black belted dress from Urban Outfitters, a turquoise scarf from Marshalls and brown leather boots from DSW. She paired her outfit with turquoise earrings to match her scarf, also from Urban Outfitters. Dottin said she doesn’t really have a style inspiration, clarifying that she just goes with what looks nice. She does, however, like “urban-wear.” Though the fashion-forward student was comfortable, she was a bit chilly.

“I had stockings on earlier but I had to get my toes done,” she explained.

Dottin’s stockings were black, about which she said, “Pretty much everything goes with black.”

Black tights are in for the fall and winter, since they can easily be worn with a dress, skirt, or even under jeans for extra warmth.

The flashy scarf is a new and fairly cheap addition to Dottin’s closet, costing her a mere $12.99. Also under $20 were her earrings, which went for $14. A bit pricier but still a score for the notoriously expensive Urban Outfitters, Dottin’s dress came in at a fair $58. The steepest item on the menu were her brown boots, at $60, a bit luxurious for college students, but appropriately durable for the winter season.

When asked why she paired each item together, Dottin admitted her scarf is her “favorite color, and goes with the earrings.”

Dottin’s other favorite colors to sport this fall season are classics such as brown and black, while mixing it up with daring hues like mustard yellow. To get Dottin’s look, search for bright accessories such as scarves, mittens and jewelry. Rock neutral colored dresses and skirts, layering according to weather. Zippers and lace are especially hot right now, so don’t be afraid to stand out.

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