War and Peace on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

Courtesy of The CW

Ashley here with this weeks installment of all the hottest gossip on the Upper East Side.

All in all, this episode was a WTF episode.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Did anyone actually think that the peace treaty would last? No.

Did anyone think Humphrey would stay out of meddling, no matter how good his Brooklyn blood is? No.

Did anyone think Serena wouldn’t hook up with that teacher? No.

Is Juliette going to suddenly gain a moral conscience? No. Maybe.

It was quite the surprise that Lonely Boy actually broke down and tried to take on Blair and Chuck, and he got pretty far without admitting. The only downside to his action was that it ruined his father’s image of him, and we all know how Rufus gets when he’s angry.

Our favorite van deer Woodsen, as good as she’s been lately, she obviously could not keep her hands away from the professor. Creepy Colin may be kind of cute, but he’s still her professor and sketchy. AND she went as Nate’s date to the event. Couldn’t Nate have distracted her in the same way that Colin ended up doing? And had Serena been with Nate, no one would be making a sex tape of her with a professor.

Now that Juliette has figured out  that Colin and Serena are seeing each other, and that Colin is her cousin, it’s arguable that Juliette might come to her senses and stop being an evil person. This, however, is highly unlikely.

But the most important part of the show was the Chuck and Blair situation. I, for one, am SO happy that the two of them realized how they cannot be without each other and reconnect on … Blair’s grand piano. Regardless, the king and queen could not have stayed apart for much longer. And let’s face it, that anticipation was killing us.

Will S get caught and kicked out of school?

Will J actually use this against S given the circumstances?

Will C and B date again? Take on the world? Get married? We can only hope.

Will R forgive D?

Will N forgive J? We hope not.

Until next Monday, kitties. XOXO.