Gossip Girl goes crazy before winter break

By Ashley Berger

Courtesy of The CW


Hello kittens, here it is. Your last update before I sign off for a month away from the UMass campus. This episode is, in short, the CRAZIEST episode that the Gossip Girl creators have ever created.

First off, how does Juliette get redeemed? She drugs Serena, turns everyone against each other, gets paid off, and flees town. Then she creepily sneaks into Serena’s room at Ostroff, apologizes, explains why she is crazy, and turns Serena against her mom. WHAT.

The crazy thing is Serena actually believes her…I’m skeptical that Juliette is still lying.

I’m also extremely happy for all our boys on the show making good choices. Nate, bringing his family back together (or at least attempting). Chuck, for wanting to take hold of Bass Industries. Dan, for finally realizing that he needs time to himself again and maybe write something nice? Get published in the New Yorker? Study?

Let’s take this moment to hate on Lily. She has really outdone herself this time; sending an innocent man to jail, attempting to sell Bass Industries, and lying to everyone to loves. As the year comes to a close, we should probably look for another mother to name mom of the year.

The episode was unique in that it featured flashbacks to all different seasons. Nice to give us a little recap before the holidays and the MONTH LONG HIATUS 🙁

The WTF Moment of the Show and arguably the season was when everything came full circle: we found out that Ben is Juliette’s half-brother who was one of Serena’s teachers at the school Serena attended after she slept with Nate, killed Pete, and needed to get away. he was the only guy who ever didn’t hook up with Serena, and the only guy, ironically, to go to jail because of it. He is only in jail because it was easier for Lily to sign Serena’s affidavit saying that he raped a minor. In the end, Serena attempts to make amends with Ben by visiting him in jail.

Even though the series doesn’t return until January 24, we can ponder some interesting questions…

Will Serena end up falling in love with Ben?

Will N and C rekindle the friendship they had in previous seasons?

Will Lily lose everyone she loves?

Can Lily actually sell Bass Industries?

Will Dan and Rufus stand up to the van der Woodsen women?

Will Juliette actually leave the city and our favorite friends forever?

What is going to happen while Blair and Dan are alone in the city… together?

Good luck on finals kitties! Until January … xoxo

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