Family Feud as Gossip Girl Returns in 2011

By Ashley Berger


Gossip Girl cast cw
Courtesy of The CW


After a long break for the holidays, our favorite crew is back in action for the new year. However, the episode lacked serious drama, providing viewers hope that next week’s show will shape up with new relationships and fights.

First off, my burning question of the evening is WTF is going to become of Queen B and Lonely Boy? They are the most unlikely couple BY FAR. But in a strange way, I support it.

As for Serena, I think she needs to try and stop sabotaging her mother, because you know what they say “Mother knows best!” I also think Serena will find herself  in hot water with Ben even though she’s now of age and he is no longer her teacher…. so…

I can’t figure out how I feel about Chuck. I don’t think he is doing himself any favors by potentially hooking up with this Thorp character’s daughter. I think Chuck needs to consider attempting to find a way to save Bass Industries before he saves his sex life.

As for Lily and Rufus, they are a ticking time bomb that is going to explode at any point. This next scandal might be too much for what seemed like an indestructible couple.

This week was a very confusing episode, leaving too many questions unanswered and too many relationships in question. Hopefully next week will answer these and lead us to some new interesting plot lines.

Some questions…

Will B and D start a secret relationship? How long will it stay a secret?

Does S still have the hots for teacher?

Will L stop her lying and come clean with the people who matter most?

Does N have the power to help his Dad get his life back in order?

How far will C go to secure the future of Bass Industries?

Until next week… xoxo

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