Frosty Feelings for February on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

Dan Blair CW
Courtesy of The CW


Aside from really, really cheesy lines in this episode, overall this week was better than last week. For one, there was way more to talk about, more jaw-droppers and a plethora of WTF moments.

Let’s continue talking about Blair and Dan. Will they hook up? Will they not? Will they continue an endless stream of flirting? They are the most unlikely couple, but the screenwriters of GG never fail to amaze us with weird love triangles. I’m taking bets for when they will actually hook up- I thought it would be when they had a brawl at the W party, but I was wrong.

As for Lonely Boy on his own, I hope he finds some way to get back at Queen B. He deserves the internship just as much as she does. Plus, it’d be the perfect way to bring B and D together…

Is Serena a saint or a moron for befriending Ben? I think she’s a nut- I mean his sister did try to drug and kill her, so I don’t think I would trust anyone related to her. Also, is it wrong for her to be so mean to her mom? Lily was looking out for the best interests of the family, whether it was morally right or wrong. Should Serena respect that?

Will Nate’s dad be able to rebuild his reputation? Will N give him that chance?

Is Erik the next one to have a major GG breakdown? Is he really taking pills? Is he dealing? Is Damian actually his friend? If only Little J could help a brother out.

Speaking of… where is J? And V?

Will Ben stay in town for S? Or now that he has a place to stay, will his agenda change?

What will become of B and D?

Will C take the road back to B?

Will N wind up alone, without even the Captain?

Until next week, kittens.


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