Is The Takedown Too Much for Queen B on Gossip Girl?

By Ashley Berger

dan blair cw
Courtesy of The CW


Though Blair, over the years, has managed to pull off great schemes, plans, tricks and takedowns, this episode shows that our Queen B might not be able to handle it all. Failing a paper is unheard of for our queen. Admitting she’s wrong? Never would have happened. Willingly venturing to Brooklyn? That really happened!
Also, I am beyond excited for next week’s episode, which looks promising for the unlikely pair, B and D. D seems like he’s falling for her- his writing a blog was a sure way to make it clear.
As for Ben… I think I may be starting to actually like him. He seems like he is doing good for the van der Woodsen-Bass-Humphrey clan, but we must not forget that he did do jail time, regardless of his innocence.
Is N really going to betray his oldest friend, C, for R? She’s not that cute and she’s still kind of a stuck-up brat.  Even though it seems that Nate has melted her a little bit, I still disapprove of the Midwestern gal.
On that note, I hope that Russell and Raina both follow Damien’s lead and disappear because they seem to just complicating the lives of our native Manhattanites. Tragic.
Is D going to hate V forever? I mean, I guess I would too, if she was in on a plan that ultimately turned into Serena’s near-death experience. Though V claims that she is an outsider, she certainly found her place among the Upper East Side crew, and for a while seemed very comfortable there.
Will B and D finally hook up? Will it blossom into the unthinkable romance?
Will B and S work out all their differences?
Will V ever be accepted back into the elite social circle?
Where is Little J? I think E might actually need her…
Will Damien disappear forever?
Will L and R be able to keep up this charade for the other R?
Does N actually like Baby R? I hope not…
Until next week… XOXO
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