Plotting and scheming on “Gossip Girl”

By Ashley Berger


SerenaRufus TVFanatic
Courtesy of TV Fanatic

On the bright side of things, this week’s episode has been better than the last few weeks. At least this episode featured a lot of scheming, a favorite GG pastime of mine.
Is it me, or did Blair and Chuck seem to be back in cahoots with each other? And does B actually seem to be genuinely helping out Mr. Bass with his new-found mistress? Has B put her distain (and love) aside to further her career?
Is Chuck’s interest in Raina for real? She doesn’t seem like his type and I think she is going to break his heart and sell him out to her father. I also think she is trying way too hard to try and look cute when she really isn’t that cute. Just my opinion.
What about Ben? Something tells me that Rufus isn’t trying to play a saint here, but, by taking Ben in, is trying to piss Lily off or prove a point. My prediction: this will end badly.
I also love that Erik always try to fix all the problems yet he has never once succeeded, and seems to only make this worse for himself and everyone around him. I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow Erik decided to ship himself off to boarding school. Speaking of boarding school, what ever happened to little J?
As for our golden girl, I think B-E-N spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Serena always picks people who are blatantly no good for her, and her former teacher is no different. I hope Ben surprises us.
Will R and C be able to rule Bass Industries and beyond?
Will S chance her relationships with her family and friends to be with Ben?
Will D and E team up to get rid of B?
Will Queen B get to take over W? Will she do a good job?
Are B and D going to get together or will we be left wondering?
Until next Monday… xoxo
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