The best and worst dressed of the 2011 Grammys

By Kim Giordano

I think the only thing I’ll remember from this year’s Grammys is the arrival of Lady Gaga, and I’m sure she wanted it that way (which only makes me more angry). I had a long debate with myself before I put her into the “worst dressed” category while ranking everyone’s dresses. I mean, she showed up in an egg- does that count as a dress? Read the list to find out who else ended up with Lady Gaga.


Minaj Yahoo
Courtesy Yahoo

Nicki Minaj
I feel like Nicki is trying to one up, or at least channel, Lady Gaga in this Givenchy ensemble. Although she usually does have a somewhat “different” style, her scary gaze and hair frighten me. I’m not a big fan on her outfit choice, but a different hairstyle would have made this a completely tolerable look.

Perry Yahoo
Courtesy of Yahoo

Katy Perry
I love the sparkly bodice, but hate the rest of the dress. Wings? Seriously? Armani made this? It looks cheap, along with the train. I love what she wore during her actual performance though, and I wish she’d kept that look for the red carpet as well.

Rihanna Yahoo
Courtesy of Yahoo

I practically screamed when I saw this. She’s essentially naked and it looks as though toilet paper is wrapped around her. That being said, I do love her hair and makeup but the dress is distracting to those nice additions. I could be wrong though, seeing as many did love her Jean Paul Gaultier gown.

Gaga Yahoo
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Lady Gaga
I have no words. Just look at this picture! What is this?! She arrived in an egg in order to be “born” on stage to perform her new single “Born This Way”. I get the concept, but still, its completely ridiculous. I can’t begin to image what she’ll do to top this one.

Rivera Yahoo
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Naya Rivera
Naya is not making the best fashion decisions this awards season. This dress is obscenely short, and tries to overcompensate for the lack of fabric by adding a train to the back of the dress. I can’t make out what the pattern is supposed to be, but I dislike the cut. It looks like a baby doll dress, which doesn’t go with the train or the shortness of the dress. Her hair could also be different. I do however, like her shoes.

Kardashian Yahoo
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Kim Kardashian
Just like the SAG Awards, Kim bombed at the Grammys. I think this looks like another prom dress and she leaves little to the imagination. I’m usually a big fan of sparkles, especially in gold and silver hues, but this bronze color makes the dress (and her) look cheap. This Franco Kaufman dress didn’t do much for me (or Kim) but again, I like that she chose a nude shoe.

Mayer Yahoo
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John Mayer
I can’t tell you how many of my friends said to me, “Why is Johnny Depp at the Grammys?”. I hate white suits and as much as I love John Mayer, I hate this on him too. Dear John, please shave, trim your hair, take off those ridiculous sunglasses, and you’ll be back to your adorable, a-hole self. Love, the entire female gender.

Agron Yahoo
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Dianna Agron
I loved Dianna’s look at the SAG Awards so much and this Vivienne Westwood gown was just such a disappointment for me. Again, the dress is an awkward length and her eye makeup is too harsh. The entire look is too dark and she could have used some color, either in her shoes or accessories.

Williams Yahoo
Courtesy of Yahoo

Hayley Williams
This Jeremy Scott dress is inappropriate for the Grammys; I couldn’t help but cringe when I saw Hayley walk onto the red carpet. Her hair and eyebrow color completely contrast with the neon pink her in dress. I really just wished she covered up her stomach and or chose a dress that does not include a hot pink tutu attached to it.


Hudson Yahoo
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Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer looked absolutely amazing in this Versace gown. The navy blue looks great on her, the sparkles are a nice accent, and her strappy shoes match perfectly with the theme of the look. Girl lost a ton of weight and has been through a lot this past year with family issues, so I couldn’t be more pleased that she looked this stunning. Easily one of the best dressed of the night for me.

Osbourne Yahoo
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Kelly Osbourne
I may look back on this moment and regret it, but I surprisingly like Kelly’s Tadashi Shoji dress. The peep toe shoes add a nice touch to the lavender and I’m happy she didn’t over do the look with too many accessories. Overall, I think she looked adorable.

Snooki Yahoo
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I’m not even going to get into why Snooki was at the Grammys because, quite frankly, I have no idea. However, I am proud that she was able to look classy and sophisticated in a sparkly mini dress, with just the right accessories to match. I also give her bonus points for incorporating her signature poof without going too overboard.

Gomez Yahoo
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Selena Gomez
I’m loving the metallic colors this awards season and Selena definitely did not disappoint. The pink lip color went perfectly with the J. Mendel gown, as did her wavy curls.

Hough Yahoo
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Julianne Hough
I love Julianne’s Catherine Malandrino gown. The pattern fits very nicely with the color scheme and the deep v-neck cut makes her look elegant, yet sexy. Her up-do and simple earrings help to complete her effortless look.

Klum Yahoo
Courtesy of Yahoo

Heidi Klum
Heidi looks absolutely stunning in this glittery gold gown by Julien Macdonald. The bold cut on the bottom of the dress is the perfect length, allowing her to show off her amazing shoes. But again, Heidi is one of those girls who could walk the red carpet in a trash bag and still look amazing.

Cyrus Yahoo
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Miley Cyrus
I love this Roberto Cavalli dress on Miley. The gown is young, yet classy and her hair and bangles create a great look for her.

Michele Yahoo
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Lea Michele
I’m actually surprised that I like Lea’s dress so much. I love the lace accents on the Pucci gown and think the small amount of animal print goes perfect with her berry lipstick. I also really like the slit on the dress, but could do without the shoulder “wings” and her bracelet that slightly resembles a snake. I’m glad Lea did something different with her hair; a middle part is risky, but she pulled it off.