The Unthinkable Kiss on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger


I am in shock. I think my jaw was legitimately attached to the floor for nearly 24 hours after Blair and Dan kissed. KISSED. Who thought the Queen B of the Upper East Side, who never would have ventured to Brooklyn two years ago, who destroyed the life of Little J, who hates everything remotely lower class than herm would kiss a HUMPHREY? And who would have thought Lonely Boy, after years of Serena toying with his heartstrings, would go for another Upper East Side princess? I cannot wait to see what happens with these two. Will they tell everyone about their secret? Will people be opposed?
As for Chuck, looks like he’s a little too late to win over the heart of B… she’s finally moved on, just when he needs her the most.

nate raina cw
Courtesy of The CW

I’m still skeptical about Raina and Nate. But I am happy that Raina is no longer severely attached to her power hungry father who only wanted to bring down our favorite van der Woodson-Bass-Humphrey clan…
Another crazy twist to the show was when Lily turns herself in to the authorities. It’s likely that nothing will actually ever happen to her, but it still makes us wonder if the writers had planned that episode from season one that showed Lily’s wild college days to be  premonition…
I also couldn’t be happier than Serena and Ben are finished. He was bad news, yet something tells me he’ll be back for more…
As happy as I am that the show is finally turning around for the better after a few lame episodes, I’m still extremely sad that the show won’t be returning until April 18…
So, until next month, I’ll leave you with a few questions…
Is R another one of N’s random flings?
Will L spend forever in jail? Will R be by her side?
Will C get his legacy back? And his girl?
Will B and D become the couple of the century?
Will S ever pick the right guy to date?
Will V be able to reconcile with her former friends?
Will I be able to survive until April without knowing any of this?!

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