Tips on how to look great in spring

By Staff

It may be a freezing 20 degrees here in Amherst, but spring is right around the corner, and with it comes new style trends to parade around in in the warm weather. With New York City Fashion Week coming to a close we’ve been introduced to endless fashion trends not only for the runways, but ones that can be worn here at the University of Massachusetts. Being a college student is no excuse for how some dress around campus- fashion is enjoyable and we should all experiment with it!

Bright colors, wacky patterns, bold stripes

nautical mct

These three elements are making a huge arrival this spring in the fashion world. Let’s kick the dark and gloomy colors to the curb and add a splash of color to our wardrobes. Adding bright colors and patterns to your style can really make you stand out in a good way! Experiment with colors you’re not used to wearing, you may be surprised. Don’t overdo it with the patterns. For example, if you’re wearing a patterned top, go with a solid bottom, and vice-versa. Stripes are great for the spring. They give that nautical feel that seems to keep coming back every spring. A colorful or patterned short is a great way to take this trend into full force this spring.

A quick word on shorts: “short shorts” is not the way to go. Try a longer short (but not too long). They’re much more flattering and will make for a classier outfit. If you can see the pockets of your shorts, throw them out- they are too short!

Free flowing and loose-fitting tops

Tighter is not always better. As can be seen on campus, some girls think tighter shirts look good, but newsflash- they don’t. This spring, let’s try and aim towards looser-fitting shirts that are more flattering for every body type. Pairing a loose-fitting top with skinny, cropped pants makes for a great head-turning outfit. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing free flowing tops- this doesn’t mean just buying tops that are bigger in size. If you’re buying something that’s much bigger than it should be, it won’t create this loose, flowing look. Rather, it will look like your outfit is swallowing you.

One-piece swimwear

This may sound crazy, but it’s true- one-piece swimwear is making quite the comeback! Now, this isn’t exactly the normal one-piece swimwear we’re used to, rather, it’s much more trendy and fashionable. Our moms should not be the only ones to wear one-piece bathing suits; there are very fashionable one-pieces coming out this spring and summer. There are many cute suits that have cut outs in them that make them similar to wearing a two-piece. Just because it’s a one-piece doesn’t mean that it can’t be cute; give them a chance! Experiment with different shaped swimwear, as well as colors and patterns. One word of advice when it comes to swimwear- smaller isn’t always better and can be far from flattering. Find what fits your body and shows it off in all the right places.

Trendy accessories

Spring is a time to dress up your style with all different kinds of accessories; it is the accessories that make the whole outfit. This spring, there are a few crucial accessories that everyone must try. These are: watches, scarves, chunky necklaces and, of course, big sunglasses. Watches are a must-have this spring! There are many different styles and they add a sophisticated flair to one’s outfit. Scarves should not only be worn during the winter season. There are many lightweight scarves in bright colors and wacky patterns that can be used to dress up any outfit. Chunky necklaces were introduced this winter and will be bigger than ever in the spring. It’s shorter, chunkier necklaces, as opposed to the long ones, which are making their way out of style. Big sunglasses are something that we are very familiar with, but we should know how to wear them. Find a pair that fits your face; just because they’re big doesn’t mean they look good on.

Keep an open mind; these four new trends for the spring season are sure to be a hit and are something we should all try! Keeping these tips handy as you are dressing for the spring is guaranteed to help you look better. Don’t be shy this spring- it’s all about standing out this season and turning heads. Let’s bring some fashion and style to campus this spring!